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I'm obsessive, I know.

Thing the one: I know how to explain House!Tim's growth spurt.

It went like this: Tim got out, but knew that ex-Robins are targets of reputation, so he used stolen Cadmus tech to try and change his body plan (we all know how much Tim likes to play with stolen Cadmus tech). It worked, sort of, but not perfectly, and that lead to his infarction a short while later.

The family, of course, wanted to help him get well, but he glared them off and said "Robin was short and healthy. I'm tall and crippled. This works for me." Everybody was kind of horrified, body issues and all, but what you're gonna do? It was Tim's clearest sign that he was, indeed, getting out for good (Barbara sort of monitored him for a while, waiting to see if he'd go the Oracle route, but he didn't. Later she just monitored him because she knew he knew, and that's what passes for keeping in touch for those freaks).

* * *

Thing the two: As of right now, I'm officially more creeped out by Wilson than by House.

* Time and again, we see him helping House with his madcap, illegal, highly unethical schemes that hinge on the laws of probability being stacked on his behalf, and House's argumentations aren't the kind that should sway a doctor, specially when said doctor is just interfering with a random patient that isn't even his.

* The serial adultery thing.

* When we see him being mean and manipulative, boy. He got Cuddy to get House to bet on how long he could function without Vicodin, for chrissake. And House is his *best* friend. It was with a "good intention" and such, but where have we seen that kind of thing before? House.

It makes me wonder about all the times he was being mean and manipulative and we *didn't* see him do it. I think he is every bit the bastard than House is, but he just prefers to keep it hidden (when he can, hidden from hiself).

How does the world look through Wilson's eyes? How does he see himself?
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