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My fannishly considered opinion is this: Vala sporting pigtails is the wrongest, scariest image in all the known planes of existence.

No, really. And I'm counting that time when Q appeared naked on the Enterprise bridge.

As an aside, I think that the Stargate franchise has mastered and perfected the art of the in-scene snark; it's only when they attempt to do something serious (like worldbuilding, politics, strategy, etc) that you see them drop the ball (run around in circles looking for it, bust their heads against each other, fall to the ground, etc).

Accordingly, I propose they just put together every current and former SG-1 member in history in a waiting room and film them making time for a few seasons. They'll save CGI money, nobody will have to go through the embarrassing process of badly coming up with yet another scary enemy cut from the exact same mold as the previous five, and we will be treated to some of the finest lazy, nonsensical dialogue to grace sci-fi TV since B5.

I'd also propose they turn SGA into MST3K, with everybody just watching movies and commenting on them (c'mon, Ronon and Teyla's lack of contextual knowledge alone would make things interesting!) and emphatically away from political/ethical issues (Elizabeth), military/ethical issues (John), potentially explosive machinery (Rodney), and situations where Tauri stupidity can put them at risk (Elizabeth and Ronon). They snark so nice. Why ruin it?



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Jul. 25th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
Well, given that yesterday I found myself quietly crushing on a CNN reporter, I'm not sure I get to say that anybody's turn on by anybody is strange :D.

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