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Coolest thing I've seen today (and an unexpected rant)

A fragment of "Yeah Right!".

1. Film skaters doing their thing on green boards.
2. Edit out the green boards from the video.
3. Enjoy

Skaters with antigrav shoes being skaters. Nice.

I guess comics, movies, etc -or at least an small but definite cultural submovement- are expressing "future nostalgia", aka "dude, it's the XXIst century, where is my tech?". Because iPods aren't it. I tell you: the street not only finds its own uses for new tech. The street is by now hungry for new tech. The next two or three decades will be perhaps defined, among other things, by the unavoidable conflict between the people who has never read Neuromancer and its heirs, and the people who grew up expecting and ready to live in that world. The people who think Iron Man's "Extremis" is a Faustian story versus the people who think Tony Stark should open source it and let SHIELD howl.

And in the other two corners: the people who have never heard about Neuromancer, Extremis or any of the similar stuff (I love you, but you are due for a few very distinct surprises during the next decades), and the people who are working for a grim meathook future with AK-47s and irresponsible corporate policies.

Comics: not as good a training field for the future as science fiction and nerdom, but way ahead of the Washington Post and the Harvard MBA program. I'm just saying.
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