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For The Public Record: *Give it to me any way you want*

Feedback, I mean.


cereta has ranted again, this time about feedback, and how we are generally wary about giving it to people we don't know well. I fully agree with her; you can never know beforehand how people will react to even the mildest, most constructive criticism.

So let me state here for public record: Feedback me as much as you want, as hard as you want. I have much to learn about writing fic (although I've already mastered understatement, it'd seem), not to mention just the english language itself, and literally the only way I have to learn some of that stuff is from your feedback.

And if I'm ever cranky or just off enough to bitch about your feedback or be impolite to you, feel free to link back to this post and whack me up with it. Hypothetical Future Cranky Me: Shut up. Feedback is good. Now apologize.

Thank you very much.
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