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Group Think - Cassandra, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: In your embrace, peace
Characters: Cassandra, Barbara, Dinah, Helena
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #17, Group Think
Word Count: About a thousand words.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: A sequel to Eyes Wide Open. As always, Cass has her own ideas about where fics should go.

It was funnier with the sound turned off.

Superman opened his hands in appeal to the table. "Hug me, cuddle me, call me Suppy" mock-dubbed Helena. Dinah snickered. "You wish."

It had taken Babs a lot of maneuvering, cajoling, blackmail and alcohol to get them to this point, but it had been worth it. Bruce scared his teams into coordination. Babs was trying to cement the Birds with popcorn, margaritas, a big screen and stolen Watchtower footage. And Cass' play-by-play, of course.

"Dinah, you know the rules. We all guess what everybody in the JLA likes in bed, and then Cass picks the winner."

"What do we win?". Helena had asked it before, so either the alcohol was starting to affect her memory, or she was angling for a different answer. Babs wished she hadn't drank so much herself -a number of different answers were, indeed, suggesting themselves- but, well. A leader had to do what a leader had to do.

"I have two individual missions planned for next week. One is protecting Orlando Bloom from a kidnapping plot I've seen suggestions of in some encrypted chats. The other one is assisting Batman in taking down a drug shipment."

"How come you don't play?"

"I already know everything," said Babs with a smile. It came out flirtier that she had intended to, but somehow that didn't look like too much of a problem.

Dinah snorted and leaned toward the video monitor in front of the couch they were all sitting in. "I'm betting Superman likes it kinky. The boy scouts always do."


Cassandra shifted in her seat, curiously restless. She looked like she wasn't absolutely sure of what was going on -Barbara guessed this was her first "girl's night"- but seemed to be having fun so far. They had even let her drink a bit, under the theory that tomorrow's shared hangover should also be a group experience.

"Wife," she said.

Helena rolled her eyes. "Of course he's married. But what does he like in bed?"

Cass shrugged. "Wife."

Babs laughed and Dinah shook her head. "A faithful husband. Had to be an alien." She finished her current margarita in one gulp.

Giving Helena a "don't comment" glance, Babs changed the footage. The monitor showed Wonder Woman addressing the United Nations.

"Frustrated," said Cass, and frowned, puzzled, at everybody's laugh.

"You didn't use the wrong word, Cass" -explained Barbara- "it's just that these two have very dirty minds." For a second it seemed as if Dinah and Helena were about to high five each other, but relative sanity prevailed.

"I think she is gay," ventured Helena. Dinah looked askance at her. "And the Pope is catholic, you'd say?" Helena blew a raspberry at her.

Cass moved her hands, looking for a way to express what she saw. "Fight? She... likes training? Like you."

The other three women shifted slightly and looked anywhere but at Cass, who shrugged. "I do too."

Babs keyed the monitor quickly. "Um. Right. Next - Aquaman."

"In the shower," offered Helena.

"In a bed," said Dinah. "At dawn. Sweeter than you'd expect. Touchy about his hand, and never really lets go of himself, but some Atlantean customs are..." She stopped and noticed that everybody was looking intently at her. She shrugged and picked at the remains of the popcorn bucket.

Babs cleared her throat. "And on that disturbing note..."

Helena smirked. "You are just jealous. Because you didn't know," she deadpanned.

Babs made a face that would have intimidated somebody who wasn't a crimefighter *and* a teacher. As it was, it just made Helena widen her grin.

Eventually, Barbara matcher her smile. "I bet you will love this." A rare footage of Batman working out in the Watchtower gym appeared in the monitor.

Dinah whistled. "Niiice."

Helena sniffled. "Too bad he is a pig-headed self-righteous moron."

"But with a nice bod."


"Good form," commented Cass.

Dinah threw her a bit of popcorn. "Give it up, sis. What does Tall, Dark and Repressed really likes? Robin suits?"

Babs almost blanched. "Dinah!"

Helena snorted. "I bet he likes the bad girls." Dinah raised an eyebrow at her and Helena scowled at her. "You know what I mean."

Cass watched the silent, precise movements in the screen.

"Cass?," said Barbara after a while. "Are you OK?"

Cassandra turned around with an expression of discovery. "Hot. He is hot." She seemed to have just discovered the meaning of the word, and Helena -a teacher even in her currently questionable state of sobriety- nodded helpfully.

"Right. Who else is hot?"

"Nightwing?," asked Dinah. Cass nodded enthusiastically. "Superboy," she added. "Superboy is hot! Kisses nice too."

Helena smirked. "And I bet his hands weren't too slow either."

Cass assented. "Clumsy, though. Not precise." Everybody laughed, and Cass drank a margarita just like Dinah had done, but with predictably stronger effects. "Robin is better."

The affirmation was greeted with a small silence, but Cass didn't seem to notice or care. "Robin is hot, too."

More silence. Cass was still in the grip of the discovery of a new and useful word. "Hot," she said pointing at Helena. Dinah hid her smile, badly, behind a hand. "Hot," added Cass looking at Dinah, who shook her head but blushed a little.

Cass moved with not quite her usual grace to Barbara and rested her head over Barbara's lap. "You," she said, yawning, "more... hot." Unconsciousness was surprisingly and mercifully quick, and the rest of the Birds let out a breath of relief.

"She didn't tell us about Batman's tastes, though" said Dinah to break the silence.

"You can ask him yourself next week."

"No way. Orlando Bloom is mine. Right, Barbara?"

"Don't try to pull that crap. I won fair and square."

"In your dreams."

"Girls," interrupted Barbara. "you'll both bodyguard him. I think we should leave the operation with Batman to Cassandra. I want to see his face when she tells him that he's hot."

Dinah and Helena smiled simultaneously. "Next tuesday night, then?"

"Bring the popcorn."

Tags: cass fic, fic, prompt #17: group think, psych_30 challenge
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