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Placebo Effect - Cassandra, R

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Five Things That Never Happened to Cassandra Cain In Bed
Characters: Cassandra, a host of other people.
Rating: R (but just to be sure - this isn't, sadly, an smutty fic)
Prompt: #25, Placebo Effect
Word Count: About four hundred.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: Five short (and ultra-short) AUs, as implied by the title. Cass' voice differs among the fragments, as I've tried to follow/extrapolate her canon voice in each situation. As canon isn't consistent, neither is this.

She knows that he is thinking about Steph.

That's okay.


He doesn't love her. He can love nothing but himself, relate with anybody else in any way other than that of an owner to his property. He knows that she knows, and doesn't bother to pretend to care. To him, she is just another stray dog he has picked from the streets of Metropolis, another property he has won by being smarter and more ruthless than everybody else.

He is taking her like this because he takes everything he wants. She is letting him because she sees in his eyes the emptiness she feels in herself. She knows he realizes she could kill him at any moment, but won't.

She wonders if he understands that he will come to hate her for that, as he hates the other one, the only Other in his mind.

Afterward, she leaves without being told to, crossing the one named Mercy in the corridor.


The first time she wasn't ready. She saw his desire, and her own, and knew when it would happen long before the first kiss. She wasn't ready, though, for the transition that happened afterward, when they were both naked and arching in the cold floor.

The next time he took them to his bedroom, perhaps to make it easier for her. Unnecessarily. She only failed once at anything physical, couldn't really understand an existence where repeated failure made sense.

When he shifted from Batman to Bruce ---briefly and desperately--- she ceased to be Batgirl and became Cassandra. She could tell he had noticed, as his desire mingled with fear and his loneliness overtook him.

It was as terrifying for her as it had been for him, and they both breathed easier when things returned to normal.


"Why isn't he here?"

"He didn't want to come.

"But didn't you tell him?"

"No. He would have come just for you, and then tried to take you away."

"I would have convinced him, just as you convinced me."

She kissed him sweetly and laid her head next to his.

"You are an optimist, Kon."

Steph joined them in bed and hugged Cassandra from behind. "I hate to agree with Hormone Boy, but I think you should have told him, too."


Both men want her, and both would like to kill her. One because she was a Bat, and the other because she no longer is.

One of them is a killer, and sometimes has done good. The other is a good person, but has killed, too.

She wants to learn how to balance those opposites.

"You," she calls to them, and joins Harvey and Two Face in bed.
Tags: cass fic, fic, prompt #25: placebo effect, psych_30 challenge
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