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Birthday fic - I hope

I think ficbyzee's birthday is/was/will be around these days (alright, I'm not a detective or anything), so...

It was nice, looking at the stars. Restful. Calm. Peaceful. Safe.

Steph was ready to start kicking stuff around any time soon.

"So. How did it feel, being insane?"

Cass shrugged. "Wordy."

"I'm sorry I missed that."

Cass shrugged again.

Steph took a leaf of grass and started twirling it around her fingers. "Who did you sleep with?"

Cass looked at her and frowned.

"C'mon. You went insane evil killer ninja girl. That's the best excuse there is to score around. I heard Catman got magically hot - or Arsenal, he has a thing for... well, you know. Hell, I'd understand if you slept with Tim. God knows he needs to get some soon."

"Was too angry for... scoring."

"Shit. What did you do then?"

"Killed my father."

Steph put her hand over Cass'. "Sorry. I know he was an scumbag, but..."

Cass let Steph grab her hand. "Father."


Time passed. The night remained warm and beautiful, and they didn't mind leaving their hands where they were.

"So... any idea of how long we'll have to wait before something happens and we come back to life?"

Cass shrugged. "Tim said I... dated? will date? Superboy. Again."

"In the future? You mean Tim knows you'll be alive in the future?"


"Wow, that's great. When?"

"Ten years."

Steph swore under her breath. "Great. You'll be dating Superboy and Tim will be *old*."


"Tim will be Batman? Fuck. Tim will be *old* and *celibate*. I'll be the grumpiest crimefighter in the world."

Cass giggled.

"Don't laugh. I may become evil!"

Cass laughed.

"Nightwing will have to seduce me to save the world!"

Cass laughed some more, and soon Steph joined her.

It didn't take ten years, and time passed too fast.
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