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Libido - Cassandra, PG 13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Eyes Wide Open
Characters: Cassandra, Barbara
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #22, Libido
Word Count: About four hundred
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Fluff
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: Set during the period when Cass was living in the Clocktower.

Cass waved her goodbye. Babs did a quick double check on her systems -yes, it *was* almost noon, it wasn't just her tortured circadian biorhythms tricking her again- and halted her with a raised hand.

Cass going out. During the day. In civilian clothes. It was a minor miracle, and Babs almost let it go without inquiring. But she was Oracle, after all. Knowing things was what she did.

"Where are you going?" Babs winced a bit inside; when had she started turning into Bruce?

Cass just rolled her eyes. "Date."

"A date?" Barbara narrowed her eyes involuntarily. "With whom?"


She gave it a little thought. "Somebody you rescued last night, right?"

Cass nodded, her body language the very essence of patience in the face of irrational delays. Babs would have wanted to ascribe that to Cass' unique training, but it was mostly a function of her being a teenager.

A fact that also opened other venues of consideration.

"Cass, don't you think that we should check him first? There are all sorts of dangerous people in Gotham, and..." Barbara stopped and fought the urge to rub her temples. Considering Cass' nightly activities, it was a ludicrous warning.

Cass smiled at her. "Followed home. No baddie." Cass' smile widened. "Cute."

Well, at least stalking was part of the family's traditional courtship activities. Still, there were dangers beside the obvious ones.

"Cass... I realize we haven't yet talked much about this" -or anything else, Barbara told herself with some degree of guilt- "but... um, he eventually will want to" -there was some minor flailing of hands- ", you know. Um. You know?" Babs looked at her main screen, hoping for a sudden disaster to rescue her from this conversation. Villains, being the evil people they were, didn't oblige.

Cass nodded earnestly at her, and started sketching motions. Very explicit, detailed, *specific* motions. It took Barbara twenty seconds to gather her wits enough to stop her.

"Okay, okay, I get the idea. Jesus, Cass, where did you get those ideas? Have you been hanging out with Roy without letting me know?"

"Saw victim."

"He was doing that? On the street?"

"Yes. No. Wanted."

Babs felt the first, small touch of relief in the entire conversation. "You read all that in his body language, right?"

Cass nodded again. Babs wondered at how much effort it must take for her to interact with people who, from her point of view, was mostly deaf, blind and unbearably clumsy.

Babs smiled mischievously, and Cass' interest perked up. "Can you do that from a video feed? Read what people would want to do?"

Cass shrugged. "Think so."

Barbara controlled the urge to rub her hands in a very supervillain-like way. "When you come back from your date, would you mind watching a few surveillance tapes of JLA meetings with me?"

Tags: babs fic, cass fic, fic, prompt #22: libido, psych_30 challenge, sillyfic
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