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This is neither the beginning nor the end. Most importantly, this isn't even a rare event.

"I will not condone this action! They are good people!"

"I wasn't asking your permission. And you didn't complain before, did you?"

"It was a long-term infiltration mission, you bloodthirsty lunatic, not being accessory to murder. I was following orders."

"You still do. We both serve the same masters."

"Do not insult my intelligence. I don't know why the government has forged this unholy alliance with a notorious killer like yourself, but I will not be part of this scheme."

"Then the kid will die, too."

"You wouldn't..."

"Look at me in the eyes and tell me that you don't think I would kill a defenseless child just to make a point to your bosses about procuring me obedient operatives. Or that you could stop me."

"... Alright, alright! As long as the child lives, Cain. If something happens to him, I swear to God I will hunt and kill you."

"Oh, he will live, don't worry about that, Pennyworth. I have plans for young Bruce. Big plans."
Tags: alfred fic, cain fic, fic, marceloverse
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