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Five things meme

Excuse du jour: It's sunday, and I have my so-called higher brain functions scheduled to start working again sometime about Wednesday.

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Five Things in my Fridge
1. Coke
2. No-cal orange soda
3. Lemon juice
4. Chocolate milk
5. Cheese

Five Things in my closet
1. Clothes
2. A pillow
3. A motherboard
4. An old mattress
5. Three dead phones or so

Five Things in My Car
I don't have a car, nor particularly want to. Buenos Aires has a relatively good public transportation system, and I actually live inside walking distance of a lot of the places I have to go to. (Metropolitan areas: Yay!)

Five Things in my wallet
1. Money (duh)
2. ATM card (although usually I don't carry it around - been pickpocket and/or attacked too many times).
3. Discount cards for two different bookstore chains.
4. Coins
5. An scrap of paper with an email.

Five people I MUST Tag
In Soviet Russia you don't get tagged, tags get you! (A *really* old metajoke).

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