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Not my fault

Not spoilery for Robin #150/#151, as much as the first second of probably many attempts to retcon some sense into it.

Warning: Crack. Perhaps even worse crack that Robin #150/#151.

Prelude to a chaste goodbye kiss.

"You killed Shiva."

"It was... my choice."

"Not if you were wearing your uniform, it wasn't!"

"I wasn't. Won't."

"It wasn't an option open to you anyway, you realize that?"

"Yes. I'm sorry."

"'Sorry' isn't going to be enough, Cass."

"Not for... that. Will miss you."

"Get out of my plane, Cassandra."

* * *

Epilogue to a chaste goodbye kiss.

Twenty three hours later, the Brainiac virus exploded in Cassandra's brain. It was words. It was anger. It was loneliness.

"I should share this with Robin," she said aloud suddenly. An startled pigeon flew into the sky.

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