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One year of Harvey and Gotham. There is going to be *so* much fic.

A short, improvised sequel to the last fragment.

Sometimes, when the marks on the paper refuse to make sense at all, she gets angry at herself. He doesn't seem to mind. "It's difficult, working with an injured brain," he says gently to her. He doesn't attempt to hide his own pain and frustration, so she follows his advice and keeps trying.

One morning she tells him about the man she killed. He tells her about being a 'minor', 'parental pressure', and many other things of the law, the kind of things she knows people like Gordon care about. He gets very passionate about that, and before long she has to hide an smile while he walks around his (their) apartment, arguing with people that isn't there, sometimes saying things in a language she has never heard before. He catches himself doing it and laughs at himself. It's a nice laugh.

When she asks him if she would be also forgiven by the Bat, he shakes his head and smiles sadly.

"He is a good man; even when I was crazy, he was always there for me. But that doesn't mean that everything he does is sane. You understand?... I guess you don't. You are both cut from the same cloth." He smiles fondly when he says it, and she swells with pride.

When she finishes reading her first story (so difficult, like trying to understand somebody in the dark), he takes her out to dinner. It's not a cover thing, like she thought at first; they are just eating and talking.

It's strange, but fun. He knows the name of every waiter, and orders food she didn't knew existed, and people look at him with fear and curiosity and -after looking at her- something that might be envy. He laughs quietly but sincerely when she jokes with a gesture, and tells her stories about Bruce Wayne. She smiles a lot and nods as if she understands.

Perhaps she does.

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