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So, just saw The DaVinci Code

1. It's not an evil movie per se. If you had fun with it, more power to you.

2. Some of the architecture on it is gorgeous, in particular the houses. I so want to live in some of those places (at least for a while).

3. That said, I think of this movie as the hyperactive, well-groomed but not-too-bright little brother of Foucault's Pendulum. Actually -and no offense to the Code's fans, this is purely a matter of taste- it kind of feels precisely like that, like it's just too juvenile to take seriously, even if it's trying in earnest, while Foucault's Pendulum is a book you can engage as an equal, and thus find fascinating, even when you don't like it. And I probably should stop using relationship metaphors when talking about movies and books, right?

4. It's the damn twenty-first century. Anagrams aren't "codes" that you have to "break"; cryptography isn't about cute puzzles, it's about math and algorithms and engineering.

4b. I don't care if it's a design by Da Vinci and has cute chemical failsafes. It's a centuries old mechanical puzzle, dammit! Use an x-ray machine. Use ultrasound. Use an explosive devices expert. But that'd be cheating, right? That wouldn't be spiritual and knightly. Bah. I love both historical fiction and science fiction, but not contemporary fiction made with the tropes of historical fiction; misjudging the resources of our era is as bad as any other sort of anachronism.

5. Not being a religious person, I wasn't much interested on the religious arguments (no big surprise there), although I'll be willing to consider any religion that preaches against Tom Hanks' hairdo.
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