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No. Hey. Wait!

NCIS 3x19 - Iced.

Let me see if I got it right (without spoiling too much). Marine group in Iraq. One of its members was killed by a gang while on leave in the US. NCIS has to solve it before they bring the Marines back home, because otherwise they might go out for revenge.

Wait. What? That is so late-Republican Rome that I can barely deal. I know (assume) that's not how things are actually going, but the fact that a very rah-rah-usa-#1 show like NCIS went there... (ETA: And without nobody *batting a damn eye*, I might add.)

And then, Tony yapped about the origin of the name César, and how he was named Anthony, and I was just WAY TO GO WITH THE SUBTLE THERE.

Unless it was all a coincidence, because "We might be overmilitarizing our country to a dangerous point, cf Rome kthxbye" doesn't match the politics of the show. To say the least.
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