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What I did this week #222


  • Tentative date for the breakfast with FluxIt's customers is mid-May.

PROJECT BLANCHARD: Packed up the Datasthesia site, and I won't be renewing the domain, but I decided I won't migrate my sites until there are actual issues with GoDaddy.

PROJECT DUBLIN: First work meeting yesterday. I'm a bit more optimistic about how this will go down — I don't necessarily think it'll work as a business, but I think I wrangled my part of the processes into something I'll be able to do with a minimum dependencies. In 5-6 weeks we'll see how they are on the "paying your freelancers" aspect of things.

PROJECT GENOA: Another call, another bunch of drafts. It's getting extremely frustrating, and I worry the end product will be just too bland. On the other hand, maybe that will be appropriate for the context. Hm. Perhaps I need to check how my coach stands relative to event as a whole.


  • project-tagger: Did a big refactoring of both resource handling code and the tagging logic (to avoid no-effect calls and log destructive tagging), as well as adding per-asset type rules. Added Redshift and ElastiCache support. Quite a bit of untagged asset tracking.

  • Took a first look at CloudHealth's data an API, and emailed a bit with one of their tech support people.

  • coresim: A blast from the past - was assigned a ticket to extend it to create a number of Owl objects it still doesn't. I counterattacked by pointing out that I couldn't find, back in the day, API calls to create them, and asking for somebody with knowledge of the code base to be assigned to the project with me.

PROJECT PORPHYRIUS: An initial pass of data generation and modeling, but my Stan skills aren't good enough to implement the domain model I wanted, so I'll try something else.

PROJECT TEMPUS: Collated info on current VC funds and startups with scientifically plausible potential interventions to slow down aging, and gave a talk about the business side of it. The talk, I think, went well, but I don't expect anything concrete to come out of it.
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