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Captain Marvel


  • Loved it. Straightforward superhero awesomeness, and very funny. At no point you feel that something is a drag.

  • Marvel casting keeps batting it out of the park. Brie Larson is Carol Danvers as much as RDJ is Tony Stark, Chris Evans is Steve Rogers, etc.

  • I don't know of many people who enjoys her life as much as Carol Danver enjoys hers most of the time. When things are going well, because they are going well, and when they aren't going well because that often means there's something dangerous and/or violent about to happen, and if nothing of that sort is scheduled, she'll very much go and seek it. And she'll smirk all the way through it. And she's a genuinely good and caring and reasonable and *funny* person.

  • Also: best, sanest, most loving family in the story of super-heroics.

  • Also also: Nick Fury is pretty good in this one (you can see how he's Nick Fury but not yet *the* Nick Fury, yet well in his way from point A to point B.)

Single historical detail spoiler, and a single generic sort-of-spoilery plot observation:

  • Don't look now, but, if Thor is the oldest person-who-became-an-Avenger and Steve Rogers is the first person-doing-Avenger-y-things-who-ended-up-an-Avenger, Carol Danver is what the entire Avengers *initiative* is meant to be the understudies of. Basically, or rather literally, Nick Fury came up with the Avengers Initiative because what if there was a real problem and Carol Danvers wasn't available at the moment? The idea has been terrifying him since the mid-90s.

  • There isn't a *single* drop of romantic or sexual tension or backstory in the entire movie, and it's amazing how refreshing and streamlining that is even when you don't notice it. (Of course, at the same time you have the most amazing very long gender-swapped Top Gun endgame AU in history there for the taking, if you want to)[ETA: What I meant by that is that we aren't given explicit eros, but worlds of agape (seriously, more than most movie romances); so there's no on-screen romantic/sexual relationship, but to assume there's naughty stuff going between the panels you don't need to do absolutely anything at all.]



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