__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

The Wayback Exchange would be a good name for a time-travel-oriented one, too

As subliminally suggested by [personal profile] minoanmiss and [personal profile] gingicat, I just signed up for the Wayback Exchange. Although I must note that, due to my age well-practiced not-getting-killed-so-far skills, my reaction to most fandoms was "What do you mean wayback, this fandom is still active (in my heart)".

I mean, I was trying to get some friends to watch Ninja Assassin a couple weeks ago, there was a TNG episode as background TV during the weekend, my light Tumblr lurking is leavened by a ready stream of apparently new TOS posts, and calling Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes an old fandom is both obviously true and obviously false.

Anyway, Old Man Yelling At Cloud Aside aside (do we still pretend The Simpsons is a live thing, I wonder), yay! This could be fun.
Tags: challenges
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