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In a move of mind-boggling Hollywoodness, there's now a Hobbs & Shaw (yes, that's the frakking title) trailer for a buddy spy semi-comedic movie where the both of them have to take on an Idris Elba that has seen Cipher's super-hacker-with-a-flying-base move and raises with a classic bio-enhanced superhuman (exoskeleton and/or biotech, it's not clear from the trailer).

I think the most significant clue about the movie is that the background song for the trailer is Why can't we be friends.

Seriously, the way this franchise turns antagonists into allies is relentless, and near Dragon Ball or Rurouni Kenshin levels, and perhaps part of what keeps it ticking, but it does demand quite a bit of suspension of moral disbelief. I mean, just a couple of movies ago, Shaw mailed a literal bomb to Brian and Mia's house, missing killing them and their kid by, like five minutes; true, the next movie he helped rescue Dom's son, and was forced-cute about it in an Uncanny Trench way, but that was in exchange for his brother, and besides... again, suspension of moral disbelief, at least when it comes to people who not just tried to kill you, but didn't take care not to kill kids.

The jury is still out on my prediction for FF9 — Singularity meets Space Cowboys meets the Death Star trench run — but I have to say that now that we have literal supervillains in that universe, I'm feeling better about it.
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