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The most dangerous archaeology is spelunking inside yourself

Anyway, continuing with my very slow process of archiving some of my fics, I just posted Kid's Game to AO3.

Compared with the contemporary state of the Bat-world (or is it? I've lost track, to be honest, and I suspect they have as well), Tim and Steph being Robins will probably look weird (Steph more than Tim, as he was Red Robin), and the lack of Damian would be glaring.

That said, how do you place Damian inside that AU? Could be a long-lost twin brother, raised to look up to Bruce, but even if that lets him be thirteen, his education wouldn't make sense — there's no Batman to point him to.

Bottom line, I think that — and this isn't to badmouth the guy, this is part of the trauma inflicted on him — he was raised and shaped around the poles of the al-Ghul's and Batman (worse, the al-Ghul's sometimes patchy understanding of him), so a Damian in a world before Batman is hard to conceptualize, as much as he, one hopes, grows up to strike on his own.

Rats, now I've gone and saddened myself. Damian in a world before Batman is hard to conceptualize is a horrible thing to say about anybody, that his life has been so over-determined (or almost so; his striving to free himself being the harshest, sweetest, and most painful to watch part of his life), that it's difficult to imagine radical AUs.
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