__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

What if, "Lex's Intuition Was Right But He Got All the Details Predictably Wrong" Edition

I just realized superhearing is impossible. Comic book physics might be almost infinitely pliable, Superman's physical abilities might fly, pun not intended, on the face of conservation of energy, whatever, but I draw the line at Chaos Theory: superhearing is mathematically impossible, the signal-to-noise ratio of trying to listen to somebody yelling for help a continent away being what signal?

So: what if Superman is impossible? What if, and hear me out, Superman is invulnerable to almost everything but magic because he's magic?

What if Martha and Jonathan Kent, alone in that dark hotbed of wild magic that is Deep America, built as it was on genocide and oblivion, went crazy with grief and in their desire for a child made a pact and got a perfect, a perfect child in return, fallen from the sky like his true father once did?

What if the cost of that pact was the death of a planet far away? Why would the Kents have cared, with their empty nursery and the midnight fields whispering possibility?

What if kryptonite is mortal to the immortal because the souls of sacrificed billions haunt the Universe-strewn ruins of their home and want, need, claim their revenge?
Tags: superman
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