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I'm bored and/or prophetic

In Fast and Furious 9: Furious Night, Cipher performs on herself a destructive brain uploading process that injects her mind into the Deep Shadow Net, taking control of every advanced military device and facility in the Western world. She secretly builds and launches a miles-long space station housing her program and armed with advanced orbital and defense weapons. World governments not feeling like acceding to her demands, WWIII looms.

So Mr. Nobody, barely escaping an attack from a Seal strike team following a phony order planted by Cipher 2.0, warns Dom and the gang just in time for them to weave a narrow path through an entire platoon of urban combat systems in LA. During the next hour and a half or so they have to build from scratch a fleet of combat vehicles outside Cipher 2.0's control and travel through the world collecting favors until they can build a giant linear rail gun hooked into the Hoover Dam and, while the gang fights a hopeless stalling battle against Cipher 2.0's robots, shoot Dom and his pressurized car on the least defended end of Cipher's space station.

The climatic race is then Dom driving is car on the outside of a space station, car pressed again the surface by extra nitro rockets, so far and so fast that he can evade Cipher's defense weapons, reach the central core, and put inside it a mini-nuke they stole from a French arms dealer's submarine mansion twenty movie minutes before during the heist part. The bomb explodes, but Dom survives by diving through his back seat into the car's lead-reinforced trunk, which falls somewhere in the Pacific. They find him three days later on a beach, drinking from a coconut in the porch of the cabin he built for himself.
Tags: fast and furious, movie
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