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Titans S1E3 likes this car

Cons: The plot "mysteries", of course, aren't really if you have any familiarity with the comics, and we do get more of Dick than his role in things would demand — he's somewhat (although not exclusively) the viewers' main entry point.

Pros: Dick's rather delightful (comics!Jason: "Unlike you, Dick, I never was the *good* son". Titans!Dick, at age barely-old-enough-to-see-over-the-steering-wheel: steals Bruce's Porsche, races through Gotham with a couple of cop cars chasing him), and, despite his Bat-trained badassery and Bat-resources you can see how much he's bothered by leaning on, but does anyway because it helps innocents at that's more important, he's 80% unsure of what's going on 80% of the time, and that's also delightful. Plus, Kory is, quoth Rachel (pun not intended but now proudly embraced), a total badass, and also, despite the handicap of her amnesia, clearly a very well-trained professional.

There's a completely comedic version of this just in our peripheral vision, and if, I think, that's never where this show's going to go, the fanfic practically writes itself.
Tags: titans, tv
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