__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

A couple of Warren Ellis recs

Both Cemetery Beach (an Image comic) and Finality (a weekly webtoon) are pretty much standard Ellis fare: secret history, shadowy groups, and violent, foul-mouthed hypercompetent characters prone to dry and yet hyperbolic wit, and also full of shit.

Cemetery Beach, in particular, has a very interesting premise, although I don't want to spoil the hilariously straightforward reveal at the beginning of the first issue (besides, here the *art* carries a lot of the information).

As usual, I think you'll like it if you have liked other works from Ellis, and won't if you haven't. (This isn't meant to imply that the's monotonous; it's just that his creativity lies more in his world-building — the depth and love with which he puts together bits of fictional lore, history, and random bits pieces of knowledge, into a something that makes sense — than in the psychological and linguistic range of his characters.)
Tags: comics, warren ellis
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