__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

Titals S1E2

Quoth the Dove: Jesus. Dick Grayson: The Former Robin Who Needs a Robin, Stat.

(I think Bruce, most versions of Bruce, would be concerned about, and absolutely unable to do anything but worsen, Dick's emotional status these days. Batman, on the other hand, would be criticizing and pointing out holes in Dick's training in that way of his that means he's very much pleased with your performance, and therefore should grimly focus on getting better.)

(Sudden thought: if this is Dick in this universe, I think Jay might have to be the Robin who fights like that and is not at all conflicted about it. On the other hand, when depicted with this sort of realism, it might be the case that's impossible to do the unarmed night vigilante thing without this level of brutality. Batman has to be downright terrifying — "I heard screams and felt something moving on my back and when I woke up I'm going to need daily physio and take care of my remaining half-kidney for the rest of my life" is probably an unremarkable tale in certain crowds.)
Tags: titans, tv
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