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Doctor Who S11E02

A non-spoilery comment: I do love the high seat-of-the-pants-smarts/self-referential-speeches ratio of Thirteen. I'm a sucker for characters who get by on generic smarts and experience as their main powers (more than a few Pratchett characters, MacGyver when I was a kid, most capital-D Detective characters, etc), and the Doctor is, when written in that way and using her tech mostly to speed up the plot (no spending weeks to break into a computer system, say) rather than as a solve-all, one of the greatest ones.

I once wrote that nobody ever loved anything like Bruce Wayne loves Gotham City, but perhaps that's only when it comes to humans. I don't know anybody who loves anything (although a something that's also a somebody) like the Doctor loves the TARDIS. Sometimes we make fun of it (a la Kirk's canonical feelings for the Enterprise), but the TARDIS is alive, aware in its own way beyond petty details like time and space, telepathically connected with the Doctor and also very much involved in her life. It's love in every sense of the word between them, asymmetrical but reciprocal.
Tags: doctor who, tv
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