__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

Superman #4

The most accurate bit of Clark Kent characterization I've seen in a while is Superman explaining to his son, with a calm and almost wistful expression, that he thinks about killing Batman every single day, because, God, that man can be annoying.

At some level, I think Clark appreciates Bruce developing all those kryptonite failsafes not just because mind control is an occupational hazard, but because it shows that Bruce sees him past both his "Superman" *and* "Clark Kent" personas, to the underlying Clark who, alright, *won't* punch your head into orbit because he's way past done with your shit, but by Rao does think it'd feel wonderful (there's an analogy there with the Bruce that's neither "Batman" nor "Bruce Wayne", although I'd think in terms of Bruce doing something Batman-level for non-Mission reasons, not the more psychologically fraught killing bit).

(Also: remember that bit when Clark was jealous that Bruce could get away with punching Guy Gardner, because he was sure it felt wonderful but he can't.)
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