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Stolen from marag: Take the first sentence of one of your fics and analyze it to bits to show why you chose it and what it does.

I thought I'd do it for my psych_30 snippets, because.. well, no reason at all.

Prompt #1, Transference: There is a postcard from Vienna in the mail. This story -hell, as most of Tim's stories- is about distance. Physical distance, emotional distance, informational distance, tactical distance... and the ways in which they fuse and mix. The postcard is how Tim's parent communicate with him; they care about him, and love him, but it comes through in postcard-sized bits, while they are elsewhere. Kids with working parents don't see them much, anyway; lonelines is sometimes not so much the amount of time you see them, but the way in which you usually get to know from them. Tim gets postcards.

Prompt #2, Daddy Issues: She will need an identity, a family. The second phrase, "Somewhere away from you." felt better for the cut text, but looking back at the fic, this first one also says something I wasn't aware of at the moment. Tim, like all the Bats, knows how much of a construct things like identity and family can be. When he thinks about an identity and a family for his daugther, he is thinking in a very deliberate way. He can design for her a good, safe life. (No, he can't)

Prompt #3, Addiction: A sweater chosen to blend in the mid-income neighborhoods. *shrugs* I think Tim shines the most when we get to see the logistics of what he does (hence Betty's Able to Succeed ability to rock my world every time I reread it). This phrase is both about Tim's deliberate planning and camouflaging (even before he got trained by Bruce), and about how his stalking took him away from his usual world, into seedier and less safe parts of Gotham. He was this wee serious guy of what, ten?, waiting for a bus at night in a not-very-good zone of Gotham, after a night of trying to get a picture of Robin. That's... I'm not sure about everything that it means, but I know that it says a lot about him.

Prompt #4, Ego/Id: "...and I can only assume that was how I was exposed to the Tamarian psychoactive substance." Ok, this fic was pure fan self-service. A horny barely-controlled Tim reporting to an amused Barbara... *fans himself* Barbara's sexuality is a complex topic (both because of the physical aspects of her injuries, and because of how those injuries changed *and* didn't the way she approaches the world), and so is Tim's, but I have the firm idea that 1. Tim has a whole structure of kinks based on Dick's raw physicality, and 2. Tim has *also* a whole structure of kinks based on highly controlled rationalizations. He didn't try to meet Dick when he was a kid - he build a file about him and Bruce. I think that's the general pattern of how Tim approaches people and things he wants. Hence this scene, and hence this first line: debriefing, the organized transfer of information, is (or can be, in the right conditions) highly sexualized for him. (Note: the fact that Te's Intimates series has a firm grip of my mind might or might not have something to do with this).

Prompt #5, Multiple Personality: The number of Batmans in the room was a thoroughly horrifying non-surprise. Heh. One of the nice things about the Bats as characters, is that you can load their inner dialogue with as much layering and nuances as you can, without being out of character. They compartimentalize beautifully, which gets translated -in the sometimes clumsy way in which we use serial texts to represent mental flows- into this kind of phrases. I kind of like how this phrase gives a sense of "screwed up business as usual"... the better to get Tim by surprise at the end.

Prompt #6, Inferiority Complex: An Easter bonfire. Not the best of the ficlets, and not the best of beginnings. The fact that I made up the whole context should have been a warning to me that I was shoehorning things where I shouldn't had. Oh, well.

Prompt #7, Nature vs. Nurture: When their first child died during delivery, the Drakes adopted an abandoned baby and named him Tim. I still feel gleeful when I read this phrase ('success' when writing a fic, for me, is when I can reread it later and feel glee). Its matter of fact in its tone, starts right with the punch (their first chield died during delivery, the Drakes...) and goes on with the twist (named him Tim). Hehe (can I say 'Hehe' in this kind of self-review?). It's pretty much the whole structure of the ficlet, there. We get to see him grow Jason-ly (if they had called it Jason, the ficlet would be much less interesting, I think, and certainly wouldn't have felt as related to the prompt; *names* are inmensely powerful in this fandom, even civilian names), and then do Tim-ly things but for Jason reasons, and the ending is the purest Jason I could come up with... but he's still called Tim.


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Apr. 22nd, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)
I love this meme *so* much, and I love your answer.

*squees in admiration*
Apr. 22nd, 2006 10:52 am (UTC)
Eeee! Thanks. *g*
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