__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

I'm going to be meta'ing about Hannibal, alone in the dark, until the and of my timeline

(Which, if you put together alone in the dark and Hannibal, wouldn't be that long.)

I'm about mid-Season 2 in my slow rewatch, and one thing I've noticed is that part of what makes the series' meta-aesthetics so thematically coherent is that murder, cooking, art on biological media (taxidermia, flower arrangements, etc), as well as psychiatry (in any combination of ethical/unethical and clinical/interpersonal), are all versions of the same activity of re-arranging a living being, be it is flesh or its mind, in the way *you* find it more agreeable; this can be done consensually and with the best of intentions, or very much not, but it's still doing something *to* the living, and even the human, in a way we associate with how we deal with inanimate matter.

Those activities are all violent, and the meta-aesthetical points of Hannibal's unique mixture of interests is that it makes that violence utterly explicit, by blurring the lines between all of them.
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