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Legendary Weapons of China

In what ended up being a day, and night, and morning of awful time management (although with some excuses for part of it), yesterday I watched Legendary Weapons of China, a Shaw production from the early '80s, and everything you'd expect given that, and more.

The sub-genre is of course predicated on the Extra, but this movie felt doubly so, and, despite of course some different cultural touchstones, I laughed out loud in many of the places where the movie intended me to. Recommended if you like that kind of movies.

The main driver for the story is that the Boxer Gang claims their fighters are immune to foreign firearms, which gives them the ear of the Empress. They want to murder Lei Kung, a former high-ranked member who was sent to organize a secondary branch, and instead dissolved it and went into hiding.

Anyway, a bit early in the movie, a lieutenant has to demonstrate to the gang chief how they are doing in that, so there's a very elaborate ceremony (everything they do is choreographed, and my god do they like using smoke bombs) where a few gang members stand in front of guns. The guns are shot, they gust stand, in the concentration of experts in spirit boxing, their leader puts some magic written pages over their wounds, they salute their pleased chief... and then they fall back, dead as doornails.

That took me by surprise (in the context of the genre), made my laugh out loud, and expressed explicitly the problem driving the Boxer Gang, and ultimately the plot. Neat.
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