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I don't know if I posted this cracky headcanon before

For some reason I don't quite understand, this week a few cable channels here in Buenos Aires have been showing Fast and Furious movies at a pace I'm hard pressed not to use the words fast and furious to describe — multiple showings of each movie in multiple channels (and actually some other Vin Diesel ones as well, so maybe he has a movie coming up?).

Anyway, right now the ending of The London One is on TV, reminding me of one of my favorite headcanons: that the movie takes place during a period of Diana of Themyscira's life where, for the usual cracky reasons, she was depowered and, if not amnesiac, at least going through a bit of fuck-this-shit phase; heck, maybe she was reacting to the loss of her powers to pull a Bruce Wayne and going to dangerous people to complement her already extensive training.

Besides the fun of making the crack sort-of work, this has the side effect of implying that she survived (if she had been amnesiac she recovered here memory, or at least her powers as her body shut down).

Diana has been around for a long time, and not always doing the lasso-and-bracelets thing. I'm sure not all of her personas have been in the antiquities business...
Tags: movie, wonder woman
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