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Hot comics tip

Whenever I want to make a Batman comic extra cool, I redraw in my mind every Batman panel with Bruce Wayne doing the exact same thing, but wearing a black Armani suit with a tastefully hidden set of utility belt+cowl devices.

We're constantly reminded that Batman is human, but the fact that he dresses like a superhero makes it less psychologically salient (on purpose: he designed Batman *not* to look human). Seeing the actual guy do what he does — I mean, not just the "kicking criminal arse"/detection bits, that's a more traditional type of badassery, but when he fights or otherwise interacts with metahumans — gives me unholy amounts of glee.

Batman: the grumpier third of the Trinity. Iconic.

Bruce Wayne: The guy who's solving a case on the "phone" with Jim Gordon while sparring/flirting with Diana of Themyscira on a moon base he designed half of, in (surely very expensive and tricked-out) jeans and a t-shirt. That's the one who inspires me.

Morrison sometimes very much gets it.

And this panel improves tenfold IMHO if Bruce's in civilian clothes (not as opposed to his suit, there's no Batman suit) and Superman isn't (although you'd have to change cowl for tie).
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