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So, Wonder Woman

Non-spoilery things I liked:

  • They got the action scenes perfectly right. *That's* how Diana would fight. And when, and why.

  • She's never innocent, she's a sophisticated person in a different context.

  • The combination of Diana's genuine smile whenever Things Are Escalating and the characteristic riff of her theme song is sheer genius.

  • Steve Trevor: not an idiot.

That Ares did exist, despite his downplaying of his own role in the war, and that after he died there seemed to be general goodwill etc, feels like the writers missing a beat. It shifts at least some of the responsibility for the war off people, which is something a bit iffy for a world war, and cheapens Diana's learning arc about her mission; the difficult part of stopping wars, after all, is precisely that by and large they don't just stop when you kill the right person. (Besides, it looks a bit like DC is already messing up their shared worldbuilding, something Marvel has so far managed to be relatively consistent with).

It also leaves the time between Wonder Woman and Batman vs Superman in something of a limbo. After all, at the end of WW Ares is dead, and Diana does want to help humankind, yet at the beginning of BvS she seems to have ceased to fight actively, and of course if Ares was behind wars escalating and getting deadlier, there's that WWII thing to talk about. It's like they initially wanted to tell the story of Diana learning that our wars are sort of our fault, seeing Trevor die (maybe killed by his own people while saving them, or something like that), and deciding "fuck these guys" and going to ground until the whole Doomsday thing made her give the World another chance, but then they decided that'd made the ending to much of a downer, and put Ares back in (I'm not saying that was the Doylean process, it's more of an impression about the layers of the story).

The other thing I didn't like is that, if Ares existed and she had to kill him, she shouldn't have killed her like she did, in a display of emotion-fueled overwhelming power. Yes, maybe the point of the movie sort of is love, but it would've been more satisfying had she defeated him in a more battle-like way. (I confess I thought Charlie would put a bullet through MagnetoAres's head while he was distracted, maybe after Ares told Diana that whoever killed him would die and be cursed to an eternity of battle in the afterlife. That'd have given closure to a character that didn't have it.)

That was longer than I expected, but that's just because I'm a curmudgeon. I liked the movie, Diana kicks ass, and I pity whoever gets in her way.
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