cass, can you not

Batman: Hush

Not astounding, and not all of the plot and aesthetic choices work IMHO, but better than I had expected, and quite solid in the Bruce/Selina angle of things (which is in fact the driving thread of the narrative).
cass, can you not

LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters

It has perhaps more ongoing plots than it should've, but it was fun. It doesn't need to be a LEGO movie; most of it would work equally well in other forms, although Batman/Bruce's voice work is precisely as good as it needs to be.

The Red Hood sort-of-flashbacks... I wasn't expecting that. YMMV, but I found them hilarious. And then a bit heartbreaking, of course.
cass, can you not


Continuing with a theme of comics-heavy procrastination, I read (or reread) things like the second volume of Injustice, Batman TPBs, Marvel TPBs, quite a bit of Valiant, quite a bit of the Black Sky and Project Superpowers worlds, some Gold Key, Injection, and a fair of other stuff, including a couple of one-offs.

It was a fugue in more than one sense; comic books have so much turned upon themselves as a medium (driven partly by economic forces, and partly by artistic path-dependence) than to some degree they are about comics (even leaving aside Morrison's explicit ontological antics).
cass, can you not

Procrastination + anxiety + family issues + no immediate deadline...

... means, as usual, an ill advised comics binge: The Life and Death of Toyo Harada 1-4, Li'l Gotham in full, The Complete Doc Unknown, The Steam Man, and a reread of v1 and 2 of Umbrella Academy. Some rhymes of structure and theme, unsurprisingly. Loops and crumbling near-utopias and holding the line or failing to.

Except Li'l Gotham, which is just about the fun.