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And that`s the way the COOKiE CRUMBLES!

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24 February
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From now on...


* banner is courtesy of essence_divided

i'm in slytherin!. elsa. 22. pices. russian. english. french. italian. deutch. can-do attitude. free for new ideas. self-proclaimed genius. hugh jackman. david venham. richard roxburgh. jennifer anniston. keira knightley. jessica simpson. hogwarts. snape. lupin. tonks. croockshanks. chronicles of narnia. the dawn trader. friends. charmed. futurama. anime. music. witches. laptops. webdesign. icon making. photoshop. reading. horse riding. surfing. diving. painball. sun baths. bubble baths. oranges.

* NB: design-obsessed!

* sammary: she is more than meets the eye

WARNING! DON`T let her messing around you PC - she can go ON-LINE!

date + 2004-06-04

time + 21.49.pm

wishing + to start a brand new fouring-speaking life and meet new people

loops + v. 7.0 Ma HUGOsophie, © by =FANOCIRAPTOR= & lumosium

not + wanting to go offline, but fearing i must!

* key word(s): anyway, so

this journal is maintained by __lumos. it's kind of her "closet" to throw in anything and everything. above all of course it's a journal for her to write in. however this journal is not a place for any graphics anymore, though you can find it in my graphics journal lumosium or visit my icons community @ hermy_icontest

Pojects Running...

+ Hobbit-Hunter.Net {Billy Boyd russian Fansite}

+ 2 B U N I T E D {Billy Boyd russian Fanlisting}

+ =FANOCIRAPTOR= {Personal Web Page with brushes, patterns, layouts, tutorials, icons, wallpapers... etc.}

+ NARNIA {Chronicles of Narnia russian Fansite & Fanlisting}

+ {teh} VOYAGER {"The Voyage of the Dawn Trader" Fanlisting}

+ BEYOND:Infinity {The Hermione` Time-Turner Fanlisting}

Are on their way...

+ NarniaNews.Com.Ru {Chronicles of Narnia russian website}

+ ... got any ideas - mail me!

concerning the MY graphics... all graphics taken must be credited (icons - in the keywords section) and it'd be super if you could take a couple of seconds to point people in my direction and say you`ve got this from me =). if you still don`t get a clue of what am i talking about, just visit my graphics journal which is lumosium and look through its entries.
commenting is an option, but i would like to know if you took one or not, because i ♥ comments. it isn't that hard to stick on in an entry or your userinfo... all it takes is:
__lumos or lumosium


teh_caps, cap_it, teh_indy

100x100_brushes, hanako_lovely, ____xruinme, myownsatellite, oh_pants, jaune, whenidance, icons_with_love, _rubyraindrops, icon_help, icon_tutorial, brushaxbrusha, likegunfire, cyberelf, strwberrychelly, xenylamine, hecatesknickers, opalnecklace, wednesday_icons, book_icons, dojie, lovetheories, deliciousmelody, prettywitchstar, eightyfour__, wherethewind__, a_fallenstar

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butterstick_, tilltuesday_


i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Pet. Slytherin style. Lumosium @ heart

Hugh Jackman own

My heart

I own

Snape's soul

10th kingdom, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, angel, animagi, anime, arthur weasley, aurors, avada kedavra, badgers, bellatrix black, bickering, bill weasley, braniacs, buffy, candles, captain hook, cedric diggory, celtic mythology, chamber of secrets, charlie weasley, charmed, chocolate, colin firth, crookshanks, daniel radcliff, daniel radcliffe, david thewlis, dean thomas, draco malfoy, dragons, dvds, emma watson, ernie macmillan, faeries, fanfic, fawkes, finding nemo, fred and george, fred weasley, friendliness, gary oldman, george weasley, granger, graphic design, gryffindor, gummi bears, hannah abbott, hard working, harry potter, helga hufflepuff, hermione, hermione granger, hogwarts, hp, hugh jackman, icons, indesign, ioan gruffudd, j k rowling, j.k. rowling, james phelps, james potter, jason isaacs, johnny depp, journals, just, justin finch-fletchley, kindness, lilly evans, lily potter, lord of the rings, loyal, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, mad eye moody, marauders, meditation, minerva mcgonagall, moony, movies, mythology, narcissa black, neville longbottom, oliver phelps, owl post, padfoot, paul bettany, peter pan, phillip pullman, photoshop, pigwidgeon, prisoner of azkaban, professor sprout, prongs, quidditch, ravenclaw, reading, red hair, redhead boys, remus lupin, richard harris, rictusempra, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ronald weasley, rubeus hagrid, runes, rupert grint, s.p.e.w., screencaps, seamus finnigan, sean biggerstaff, severus snape, sexual tension, shoebox project, shopping, sibyl trelawney, sirius black, slytherin, smart girls, smartasses, sorcerer's stone, spew, spirited away, susan bones, sweet november, tarot, the fat friar, the good ship, the patriot, tolkien, tom felton, unrequited love, weasley, weasley twins, werewolves, wheezy, winter, witchcraft, wizard's chess, wolverine, wolves, yule ball

Social capital

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