it's a lucious mix

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so i think i'm gonna do a major friends cut, like huge and only keep about 8-10 people. don't be offended if i cut you. i'm only keeping the people whose journals i actually read and who actually read mine and i know them. my journal has gotten very personal lately and even though i like everyone on my friends list, i just feel like i don't need a bunch of people on there. i'm sorry. :]

edit k so maybe it's a little more than 10 left (like double...), but i did cut some people. comment here and let me know if you really want to be added back or if you think i shouldn't have cut you.
it's a lucious mix

it's not confidential.

it's just friends only.

01 ] comment here and demand that i add you.
02 ] add me (before i add you).
03 ] post in your journal at least occasionally.
04 ] comment in my journal at least occasionally.
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