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dont be an actor performing your best line [entries|friends|calendar]
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horoscope [31 Jan 2013|08:47am]

Will the real you please step up? You have been putting on a show for someone, Aries. You want to impress or measure up to someone who expects you to have different values or goals or characteristics than you actually have. But there is nothing wrong with you as you are. You may be patronizing this person or putting on the act because you don't want to disturb the peace - but by pretending to be something you are not you are disturbing your own inner peace. Be real.

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(RiSTiNA *

horoscope [22 Jan 2013|01:54pm]

Over the years you have learned to cope with a less-than-ideal situation. In fact, Aries, it may even be far worse than just that. Yet you have persevered. You have kept your head above water. You have tried to keep a smile on your face. And at this point, you have gotten somewhat used to the situation. It has become the status quo to some degree. And that's the real problem. It isn't that you don't continue to dream of something better - you probably do. But you may have come to believe that it's all you're going to get. It is not. And proof that you deserve better is on its way.

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[14 Jan 2013|09:20am]

ugh school with these idiots

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[07 Jan 2013|08:37am]

love you

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dress shopping. [05 Jan 2013|10:53pm]

today's been real chill & gloomy. hate it. woke up, went for our breakfast shakes.. Laura & I... then came home, showered & spent all day at David's bridal & DT. what to go & try on bridesmaids dresses today. Mandy's color is yellow. it's a pretty dress. luckily after 100 dresses we all found one. makes me anxious to start planning ours. but taking it slow.. we're already married but now waiting on our reception has me going cray cray. I can't wait (: soon.
my tattoo is healing finally. it's not sore anymore thank goodness. lol I can sit without pain :b my foot & hand tatts healed quick when i got those.. I'm super tired but hubby is outside & our princess is playing.. it's almost 11 pm. um chop chop they gotta get to bed.


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this point in life.. [30 Dec 2012|07:01pm]

.. i'm really happy & in love with my little family (: Danny, Bella Rae & I have had an amazing end of the year together. can't believe it's all working out for us!! ready for 2013 & all the blessings it'll bring!! <3

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meet the robinsons. [30 Jan 2011|01:42pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. we [keep moving forward] opening new doors & doing new things, because we're curious & curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.. walt disney *

[02 Jan 2011|11:21am]
[ mood | excited ]

Who are you when I'm not looking? <|3

It's the 2nd day of a new year. A lot of stuff's changing for the better already. I just needa know about one thing/person.. But he's in sa so idk. Buggy and I have been joined at the hip since 3days ago. I mean we almost always are by nonstop lately. Christmas eve went well, spent it at my dads house with my dad, my "stepmom" :) bro, bros gf, baby, sister Lori, uncle, cousins.. And other guests. Bella had fun opening her presents there :)
Christmas morning she opened gifts at home.. She loooved everything she was soo cute about it when she 1st saw them! :') melted my heart when she was all "mommaaaa! Presents :D!!" aye. I cried. My mother laughed. Of course pft. New yrs was another story but as long as Bella and I were together is all that mattered. She was mty midnight kiss again <3 I can't wait to see what this year holds for us. Nothing but good things.. Please? :) byeee.

[17 Dec 2010|08:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Where are you when I need you?
Home alone with buggy Rae <3

My mother's being mean non-stop.
I need your mommas gentle words to get me through the night right now :(

Going to try and sleep.

Love. Bella&i.

Writer's Block: Eye for an eye? [17 Dec 2010|01:34pm]
If you bumped into someone who regularly picked on you as a child, what would you say to them?

this has happened to me a bunch of times.. i just simply smile; there's an awkward pause and i keep walking. 

[26 Oct 2010|08:22pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

idek. blagh.

[12 Oct 2010|01:00am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

::happy dance:: *

today's news was just.. awesome.
someone celebrate with me! hahahaha.

::moon walk:: *

happy happy joy joy joyyyy. [06 Oct 2010|11:22pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Happy birthday to youuuu.. Happy birthday to youuuuu.. Happy birthday my dear b'raeeeee; happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!!

I love you my princess! Out of all nights you choose tonight to go to bed before 12am! Lol; crazy girl; you're just getting energy for tomorrow huh baby!? :)
Well, I'm waiting for 12am to give you another goodnight kissie while you sleep for your bday; til then I just wanna say..

You've blessed my life for 2 yrs now; words can't explain all the joy and happiness you've brought me. When I see your smile I can't help but cry out of happiness. Just like I happy cry when you giggle. I'm trying to cherish all these precious moments you give me before you become a teenager and hate me. I love you soo much my baby girl don't ever forget that!! I can go on and on here but I will rather tell you in person all day long how much you mean to me!! Muahh baby!
Wishing you a great bday! May all your wishes come true, yesterday, today and everyday; forever & ever my love!

Get ready to wear your bday girl onesie I made you :p
And also to eat all the "cuh cakes" you want today!!

10;7;09 - best.day.everrr.


xoxoxo; your bestfriend; but most importantly.. momma <3

[06 Oct 2010|12:03am]
[ mood | tired ]

Little jogs are keeping me sane lately.. I guess it's a good thing..

Time for bed with my buggy (:

2nd b'day party<3 [04 Oct 2010|04:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]


[02 Oct 2010|03:08am]
[ mood | okay ]


[01 Oct 2010|12:33pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Damn, I'm feeling gooood today!
Tomorrow's bella's party :) I gotta find something to wear today;

I got up, changed Bella, drank my dfine, made a g.o.o.d. Breakfast for us.. And ran around outside to get my sweat on. Bella wanted to keep going but she tired me out after an hour. Hahaa. Now we're inside, she's watching happy feet & I'm watching dear john.. Depressing ass hell I swearrrr.

Waiting to go outside again in a bit and get Bella tired so she can take a bath and nap so momma can clean up a bit.


[30 Sep 2010|03:42pm]
Just got paiiiiid.
Bella's bday party's on saturday!! :)
We were heading out to sa Friday but I don't wanna go and come back the next morning in a rush.. So it'll have to wait.
Hopefully this coming wk for her bday :)
Ahhh! I'm excited. Wish you'd spend it with us :/ but it's all good.


[27 Sep 2010|09:08am]
[ mood | cold ]

It's such a beautiful morning! I can't wait til the cool weather starts for good (:

I got 3hrs of sleep but I was ready to go 2 hrs before I had to be here.

It's freezing in this room though ;/ AHh the joys of jury duty :) not.

I miSs my buggy Rae! She was still knocked out when I left this morning<3

Blehh. I don't wanna be hereeee :(

Wonder what's in store for the rest of the day .. *

[27 Sep 2010|02:56am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I should be asleep.
I have jury Duty in a few hrs.
Yay me!
What a Joy.

I hate night sickness :(


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