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omg LYKE ASL WTF LOLZ@YOU, kDUH!~>!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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moved. [01 Feb 2006|04:19pm]


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NOW ACCEPTING ALL POSITIONS;<3 [30 Sep 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | creative ]

the wilted flowers that i gave
were not as nice as your bouqet
all the lyrics that i wrote
not as smart as the words he spoke
the starlight above my hometown
aint as bright as the star ive found
every drawing that i drew
was never ever as cute as you


comment to be added;
(if you like hellogoodbye youre a friend of mine;)

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WHAMMY [18 Jul 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

tonight we went to the commons. first we got our tickets..it was raining. then went to starbucks to talk to our hotttie. and on the way rachello is like what name should i have? i was like veronica!!! and then we hear and echo, and who is it?!! its the guy from fuseball at mellow mushroom!! and so were talking to him and his friend. then we get our starbucks...i was kellly as usual..and rachel was wilma...nice right? so we go to build a bear, and i see jp's momma. say hey, browse the store. dude then we go to sharper image..and i see the hottest guy!!! he was perfect, and he was walking with his mom, like how adorable. shaggy blonde hair,black tight pants, with vans! i was like oh my gosh, marry me? but so then we go to another chair store..and its the guy! im like hotness. so then we go catch anchorman. okay i was trying really hard to get in the movie, but i was hard bcos it was lame lame lame. sure it had some good parts, but i mean cmon JIMMY FALLON GIVES A BETTER COMEDY! like hello, the best part was when luke wilson,& ben stiller came in..now thats what i call for a movie. um so we left like at the ending a little before. then got some starbucks, i asked for diana and randy is like no, and x'ed out and was like 'CAROLINE' so rachel left her hollister cd. but i have to go..im at rachels house. staying the night, sleeping naked bcos i forgot my clothes. so im off to do something bad. bye. bye. bye.

fiine dont comment then.

im 72% sure, your mom is gay.

<3you lindsey.
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snowcones,cute boys,fuseball,and mushroom pizza... [18 Jul 2004|05:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

today was so great. this morning woke up and got ready to stay the night at rachels..we went to the beach. hung out and just chilled. then went and got snow cones, dude then we decided we wanted to skim board, well knowing that neither of us could. so we go skimboard, it was so funnny. and then we ask this little boy to help us, he was so awesome. then he ditched us..then this group of guys were like all skim boarding so we went and hung out with them. then we talked to this guy named dustin. he was totally hitting on us. and..then i finally got my two feet on the skimboard! and the guy behind me was like damn. lol..and the guy in the halloween shorts..was fine! so we get the skimboard taken away, bcos its her brothers..and then dustin comes and hangs out with us. his favorite band was good charlotte. ha ha ha..get this though, hes in a band! he said its kind of like simple plan though, too bad. & hes from kentucky. then rachel like says that were from shalimar..trying to play it off and i was like no we live in niceville i felt soo dumb. ha ha ha, so then we go with dustin to get rachels brother. say goodbye to dustin, and then afterwards..both talked about each others gaydar detectors. the dude was gay. his favorite store was like claires. lol. so then we go to mellow mushroom. and we like play fuseball with this major hottie. hes a mechanic, and already graduated high school! like oh my gosh..he looked like a hollister model.. me & rachel lost all three games though,too bad. but so then we came home, and i looked in the mirror and im like fried! oh well..so were going to the commons, which dustin might be...HAHAHAHAHA. and going to see anchorman, so hit us up if youre in the area. later bias. <333
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I never thought I'd be the one to say "Please don't, please don't leave me" [17 Jul 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | cold ]

We were teenagers the first time we met
You were so famous, I couldn't resist
I was your girl then, that's what you said
When you kissed me, kissed me, kissed me

I gave you sweet love, boy, you said it was nice
It was my first time, we did it just twice
Went out for some sodas, when will you return?
But you dissed me, dissed me, dissed me

I went away for reasons disclosed
You broke my heart man, oh you didn't know
But now I'm back to see you again
Did you miss me? miss me? miss me?

We were teenagers the first time we met
You were so famous, I couldn't resist
I was your girl then, that's what you said
When you kissed me, kissed me, kissed me

Oh Davey, why did you leave me
All alone when we went all the way?
But maybe someday Davey
We'll be together for more than a day

I still love you and always will
All those motel rooms, you fronted the bill
I am not bitter, I want you to know
Got yours comin', I've seen it before

So now we're standin' so damn close
You've been in rehab, you think I don't know
I just remind you of yesterday
Places forgotten and friends passed away
But if you want me please won't you say
So I can dis you, dis you, dis you, dis you, dis you
And go away
-teenage love song rilo kiley
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[17 Jul 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]




2004-07-17 16:09 (from (link) Select
i loved it lol seriously it was RAD
goodbye my love
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2004-07-17 16:11 (from (link) Select
beautiful! you sound very happy.
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2004-07-17 16:46 (from (link) Select
ur singin is reelie good... and better than i could ever do... =) but u need to sing a coo song =P
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2004-07-17 17:26 (from (link) Select
You sound so good. I LOVE YOU!
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wow. i cant believe i just did that. oh well. it makes my singing sound kind of psycho since im loud when i sing. but oh well. thats me.


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tomorrow me & rachel have plans to go to the beach & then something that night maybe. and im staying the night,i am really excited!!

im out for now bye.

PSif you get the channel fuse make sure you watch Warped Wednesday the 21 because something corporate is hosting!!! 4 hours of awesome music videos and something corporate!!!!

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ATTENTiON ALL GUYS. [17 Jul 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hello everyone.

i was just talking to my good friend paige, and we decided that i need a guy best friend, since i lost mine this summer.

im loooking for someone, nice,smart,hilarious,a softy,sweet..

not lazy,or rude.just likes to have fun.

interested? leave me a comment. thankyou.
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[17 Jul 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


my dad said it was on 99 rock, and then his first cousin called in and said he had talked to him earlier(was that the kid on probation????) and we had just got done talking about him..

i raced to the phone to tell rachel & jessica!!!


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somelikeithott47: Jacking off to my Tom Delonge poster. [16 Jul 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

tonight would have been perfect, if katie would have answered her phone.

other than that, it was grrrreat. i hung out with jessicaca&rachello.
ha ha, it was great. we all rode to the commons, then go there & walked around. we hit up some stores. saw jason's mom! we went into hollister, and i was like going through the 6.50 rack like whoa. i tried on all these shirts,that were like smalls and totally didnt fit me. i tried on this extra small that wouldnt like go over my head.i saw jason's sister,hannah! then i went to try some more on, and rach&j were standin there with wes. and opening the curtains taking pictures of me in my bra! like oh em gee..i wasnt too mad, kind of embarrassed. what the heck was wes doing in the girls dressing room anyways! so we went to zbuzz,my favorite store. jessica put this hot pink lip gloss on me, niceeeee one. so we went to wet seal, me&rachello tried on tops and took photos. then locked ourselves out..and i was were like crawling under the stalls...hahahahaha. anyways, then we went to catch our movie. and we ran into tyler, who now has an extra supposably hot boyfriend!!..so we went in and saw the cinderella story. I LOVED IT. it brought a tear to all three of our eyes..chad michael murray, so fine. then after that we were all like....starbucks. so went & i said my name waskelllly,as in kelly clarkson,and got the right order this time. bob marley's brother or whatever was working!we walked to build a bear, and saw michael jackson at like age 13..ha ha and saw jason's mom & grandma!!! ha ha, fag! what the ef was she thinking? then we went to abercrombie..kids.lol ;] and they had some cute stuff man. then me and rachel walked outside and saw noah(ryan gosling)!!! not really, but he looked so much like him, then we saw michael jackson again,and dude rachel ran off with the camera and he looked at her, and then she like turned around & ran back!loserr.. then we went to so then we like ran to sharper image,& gave john jordan dirty looks. then me & rach started dancing to the music...it was so great. nothin like dancing and making a scene. jkal relaxed in the seat. then we realized it was like time to leave..met up with rachello's dad&brother, he looked at the pictures of me stripping in hollister! lol ;], car ride home took pictures. GNARLY.fetch,radddddd..bringin' back the cool words yo! tonight was muy excellente, if i do say so myself. thanks guys for a fab u lous night, i needed it! but im tired and tomorrow i want to do something. so call me up on the el line! thanks. later<3!

ktgrll862: the guy with the huge curly afro that works in the coffee shop
RoXyWaHinE101: justin guarini!!
ktgrll862: he's really really hot

note:i dont know if you care to read,jason im sorry how i acted. i really would still like to be your friend. thnx.

she will be lovedCollapse )
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I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain.. [16 Jul 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

just redid my journal layout,
i like it.
i like the song especially.
tonight, im going to the movies.
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cause im not convinced im worthy of your time.. [16 Jul 2004|11:46am]
[ mood | grateful ]

I've tried my best to rid these thoughts of you
and its so hard when you come to me
I fall back on my knees
I've learned to hate love
you kissed me on the cheek
you said you never make it without me
Its getting harder every day...
Please dont say to me

Dont say I love you,
Dont say you need me,
Dont say i trust you,
My heart cant take it,
Dont say you want me,
Dont say you want ,
Dont say you miss me,
Dont hurt me...
Dont say you love me...dont-by kelly clarkson
My love will help you
my love will heal you
but if you dont give love back
then I will be alone..
I need your love now
I need your Heart now
I need your peace now
and i need you
-special love, by kelly clarkson.
I just poured my heart out
there's bits of it on the floor
And I take what's left of it and rinse it under cold water
And call them up for more

i had 21 new replies on my greatestjournal this morning, im feeling really loved!

im feeling 3297492347593478x better today.

right now im headbanging to my paper heart.
but last night was a reality check, its good to have those every now and then.
i didnt get to sleep til four unfourtunately.

tears fall down your face, the taste is something new

music really helps you get through tough times!

I`ve been walking around all day, laughing
Think I`d be better off whithout you here
And I bet you are sweet and hard to get over
So I`ll cry and people will stop and stare
now thats ok, let them stop and stare...

Say you're not around... am I finished?
If you`re not around that's too bad
Hope you´re safe and sound, not alone now
´cause you know I belive in you...

i was walking down the road following
Jesus Christ he looked at me and told
me child don't cry i'll be with you all
your life so child please don't cry!
i'll be with you when u ask i will
be there for you when you need me
i have been here from the beginning
and i will be here for the last!-jesus by kelly clarkson

rachel,katie,jessica..call me today.
im out.

Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream
It’s cool, baby
It doesn’t matter anyway...
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stay home, youre not going to my birthday. [15 Jul 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

it always ends..with a broken heart.

have a nice life, while i go cry in my room listening to kelly clarkson.


RoXyWaHinE101: bottom line.
RoXyWaHinE101: tomorrow night i am going out to have a effin goood time.
ktgrll862: lindsey
ktgrll862: im sorry it didn't work out
ktgrll862: you better!!
RoXyWaHinE101: your coming with me.
ktgrll862: coolio
ktgrll862: i'll find you a stud
Npj0038: whats wrong
Npj0038: ne one u should want me to take care of

Npj0038: really
Npj0038: youll let me 4 real
Npj0038: !!!

somelikeithott47: Can I kill him?

TOMORROW, ME+KATIE+JESSICA+RACHEL..girls night out. i am getting out of here, and meeting really cute boys.

note: i really do not mean this in a really mean way, i mean this in the nicest way possible.
being mean& mad, seems to make me feel better.
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well,im willing to break myself.. [15 Jul 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

new layout!

i hope katies first day working at tropical smoothee went well!
today i babysat again, man oh man my parents have been making me babysit so much lately, at least its twenty a day, thats some good money. i've been skateboarding alot, just for fun you know? but like i'm doing really good, i might just have to challenge someone soon! ha ha, but anyways, my mom came and visited to me. she had more bad news, she has like a disease or something in her throat, so before they can do her back surgery theyre going to have to do that. her and my dad go to court soon, to see how much money im going to be getting for child support & such. that should be fun to hear about..not! tonight i have band camp..joyous exhilation. well, i was grounded took some pics last weekend, nothing really of. ch-ch-ch-check it out.
mm i like it like that..Collapse )
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im trying to make sense out of this while your fading scent just slips through my grip... [15 Jul 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

oh so emo

Who should your boyfriend be like?
& they used a pic of all american rejects. yes!

i was thinking
over thinking
cause there's just too many scenarios
to analayze
look in my eyes
cause you're my dream please come true

game over, you win.

i'll break my heart in two, dont worry you dont need to.

i was thinking
over thinking
about how far i had let this go
one more guy/girl chiché
i know now you're just in the way
of me and my dream come true

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i like it i doooooo! [14 Jul 2004|02:18pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


look at my new blend on my page, i almost had a heart attack!

call me bias

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i guess were just made of dream, nothin else matters, as long as we believe.. [13 Jul 2004|01:15pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

When dreams lead the way
The impossible is suddenly in sight
Every step you take
Just brings it all together
You gotta keep the faith
When all seems lost forever

i hate my new haircut already, its so gay..& not easy to work with!

everything is going just perfect right now!!

i got grounded from the computer for two days, for putting water in the salad..and forgetting to drain it, & then putting cheese in it..and making the salad getting all soggy. i am not kidding. its perhaps the funniest thing i got grounded for..the words from my stepmoms mouth.."your grounded for uh..being stupid! maybe you'll think twice when doing that salad again!
somelikeithott47: WTF
ha ha ha, what a family!

you know who i havent danced to in like years, JUVENILLE.what a nice name? i havent listened to the radio in like 39749372497 years, and when there new song came on..Uhhh, i like it like that, she working that back, i don't know how to act
i jammed. im sure you drivers going by my window could totally see me!

RoXyWaHinE101: you should come over.
HurleyGurley18D2: i have no way of gettin there
RoXyWaHinE101: walk
HurleyGurley18D2: psh
HurleyGurley18D2: "ill get raped"
HurleyGurley18D2: haha
.....here we go again!

im so hyped up for the day, who knows why? all i have is band camp!

id like to see the cinderella story on friday & i,robot on saturday, any takers?

somelikeithott47:I NEED KELLY CLARKSON'S CD!!
.....dont you all!

oh well..end of entry.

love you, lindsey michelle.<333

What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which My So-Called Life Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
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ha ha ha. [12 Jul 2004|07:41pm]

lindsey is currently unavailable because she is grounded from the computer do to a salad incident in which occured when she put too much water in the salad, seriously. she will be back asap. thanks.

-tj her brother.
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dont cry out loud, just keep it inside, learn how to hide your feelings [11 Jul 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | bummmmed. ]

The nights that you just missed,
The things that you promised,
They never stay

armageddon is on, i always cry at the ending its so sad!

today i went to the movies to see sleepover with heather. me&heather have been majorly bonding lately, its been relatively nice. i've just been in such a bummed out mood lately, i found out my mom's spine split & shes going to have to have surgery. she could possibly die from the surgery, im feeling really awful about it..bcos i feel like both of my parents are trying to get me to take sides, my dads like ooh your mom is getting surgery, thats too bad. HES LYING. he is..he is. my dad doesnt care about my mom&the other day my mom told me she wished my dad would die, i knew she didnt mean it. i keep putting myself in playback mode..of the same things they said..its driving me nuts. i've been really busy, and i dont have much time for much.

but anyways, yes we went to sleepover. heather met a guy, his name is john. he wasnt working today, but he seems so great for her. the way she talks about him, they have so many coincidences. i hope things are going to go good for her. im pretty jealous. so, sleepover was cute. i cried, because on the part where the two best friends had to leave each other..it reminded me of me&kim. i started crying, and the tears just werent stopping. i went to the bathroom & washed my face off.KIM I MISS YOU SO MUCH. so we walked around, hollister was having really good sales, like 6.50$ tops..but i couldnt find an atm machine anywhere..grrr. so, then we decided to go to marble slab. mmmm..pina colada. jason walked in. later on he saw me. he came & sat with me and heather for awhile. i was in a bad mood sorry heather made me feel better though. then we went down to barnes and nobles, browsed some good books! i got a frap from starbucks. the whole way home, we talked about relationships, and just various things, it was so nice! shes becoming one of my really good friends. the whole day though, i just couldnt get my mom out of my mind. my nana&grandaddy are going to fly down for her surgery possibly.

ive also been thinking about god lately. im not trying to right an entry all on god and follow a trend or anything bcos i want everyone to think im so godly, but i was thinking about how i've lost touch. & i feel so selfish thinking about myself all the time, living my lives for other people. its really been getting on my nerves, because i feel like ive lost touch& it seems like everyone else is just so close. and i kind of feel lost. geeez..i have an annoying life. i dont ever live life to the fullest, like i was thinking about the scene in ?the notebook..where noah wants to lay in the road with alie, and she goes thats silly, we cant lay in the road..like shes afraid to live life,because shes afraid of all the things that might happen. and thats how i am exactly, everytime i watch the scene..i think thats me,thats me. just some random thinking.

She, now she's all alone
Her eyes they drown in tears
Their love was meant to last
But she is blind with fear
Now I go, away
Now I know, today

Leave me be
Now I'm free
Love reflecting everything
You want space
I need you to help me see this through

& i just dont know about relationships anymore. i seem to screw them all up..i just don't know what i want,& i dont know how to act torwards it..because i cant shoot the words out of my mouth..because im afraid of making a beautiful mistake. if you truly like me i need a sign

what an entry..it was 9234723974729379 words long. oh well! thanks for reading if you do!
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think you need me, its not easy, let you go some how [11 Jul 2004|11:42am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Please speak slowly
My heart is learning
Teach me heart-ache,
Stop this burning now.

i just worked on my brothers greatestjournal..hes like majorly obsessed with good charlotte and benji, like noooo..!!! today im going to the movies with heather, walking around maybe hitting up the slab. who knows? but..right now im just sitting aroung being bored to death, perhaps i could go get ready for the day, that would be a good idea.

much love.<33

PS..my mom just made me pay her for her to go get me some mcdonalds..what is this world coming down to when kids got to pay for their own meals?? like OHMYGOSH.
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only believe the things I wrote,ill put it in a note, yeah.. [10 Jul 2004|05:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

The rain falls down, now he's crying, crying
Two weeks go by, seems like its been forever
Their hearts are bound, now she's lying, lying

P.S. I love you forever and todayCollapse )
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