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So, like, I made icons

Basically, I haven't made icons in foevs. I've been working on these for the past few weeks kinda gradually. I don't really even have an icon community anymore. If I keep it up and get a non-trial version of photoshop maybe I'll make one. But until ya go.

[6] Twilight/Cast Entertainment Weekly covers
[1] Fall Out Boy/Pete Wentz
[18] Paramore
[7] Gossip Girl/Cast

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School's weird

I had to make a blogger for my Comp class back when we started, and I just realized we needed to be blogging about life on there D: So I'm linking some of my entries to it from LJ. Just as an fyi.

School's interesting. I'm already more than halfd way through this semester (weird, right?!). I'm doing pretty well. I got my rooming assignment for the fall and my new roomies seem really chill.
I just realized how behind I am on my blogs. Ack.
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Man, I Love College

I like it here :D

Although, I'm kinda of sick of the homework. Oh well.
Oh, and my school almost lost is accreditation. lol

CARLY! What do you want for your bday? I have no clue D:
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For the sun will rise.

It's been a while since I had a real update o.O I'm so busy with school, I just had no time for LJ.
College so far is good. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I kinda expected that. I have three classes: Finite Math, English 1101, and Learning Strategies (which is basically a joke. We made collages the other day). It's been a lot of work, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays (ack, those days suck). The school is really nice, though. Small. It's only like, a 5 minute walk from the residence hall to the main part of campus. St. Pete is really cool. I went home on Thursday (no classes on Friday due to the 4th) and just got back, so I haven't really been able to voyage out into the city. But my friends are coming up today, so we're gonna go watch the huge fireworks show at Vinoy Park.
Eh, I guess I'm just rambling. Overall, I'm really liking college life :)
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(no subject)

I just made a really huge friends cut. If you can see more than like, three of my posts, then you can assume you're still on here XD I kept everyone who asked to be kept, and then some. So...yeah.
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(no subject)

My Aunt got me this book called Twilight for Christmas and ZOMG it's amazing o_________o I seriously can't put it down. And...I usually don't read all that much. I mean, I read a lot of manga, but I've kinda moved away from actual books lately. So this is OBVIOUSLY a good book :P I reccomend it to anyone. And apparently there's a sequal which I'll have to pick up as soon as I get home (or maybe even while I'm still in Denver :o)

Speaking of getting I hope I can ;_; We were supposed to come home Saturday, but after watching the news here a little we decided that wouldn't be a good idea. Apparently there's going to be another blizzard starting today and ending Saturday night. Our new plane leaves Sunday morning. Gawd. I really hope I can make it back home soon. I love it here in's so pretty, but I do eventually wanna go home. And I mean, school starts January 3rd *sigh* I'll probably make it by the skin of my teeth.

Oh yeah, and that song Le Disko by The Shiny Toy Guns rockssssss.