Luna Lovegood

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Luna Lovegood's Alumni Journal

Luna Lovegood
Nickname: Loony, although originally created as yet another method to tease her behind her back at Hogwarts, Luna was well aware of the nickname and had grown to appreciate it. Luna always looked on her nickname as more of a badge to wear than a brand, happy to be acknowledged fro her unique look on life. Of course, it is by no means a term of endearment and being that she has so little contact with anyone from her time at Hogwarts, she has not heard the nickname spoken in years. NOwadays, the name serves as a reminder of a time she looks back on rather fondly.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: April 1, 1981
House: Ravenclaw, although a proud supporter of Gryffindor in all other cases
Political Alliance/Stance: Luna's political views are nonconformist at best. She is a conspiracy theorist at heart, always believing in what is not openly told or shared rather than what is on the surface. She doesn't typically side with any one general opinion over another. Rather, Luna looks for the truth beyond the face value of something and once she has formed an opinion, she sticks to it. In regards to being on the side of light or having death eater ideals, she is definitley on the side of light...just with her own personal twist.


Basic Physical Description:
Luna has grown to be a fairly attractive young woman, but it takes someone who can get past her dreamy, far off stares and unique sense of appearance to truly notice her beauty. Her silver grey eyes are striking, but usually go unnoticed behind the latest edition of The Quibbler that she is constantly reading. Her long, wavy, light brown hair has a natural, no hassle look and is typically worn down, overpowering her small features.
Height: 5' 5 1/2"
Weight: 110-115
Eyes: Silver Grey
Hair: Light brown, long, wavy
Build: slim
Defining Marks: A glazed over, far off stare. The latest edition of The Quibbler glued to her face
Dress Style: As for fashion sense, Luna has a fashion all her own and is usually the last thing she thinks about. She tosses on whatever is clean and near, often not matching her stockings to each other or to anything else. She can usually be found wearing layers of clothes, more out of wanting to be prepared for anything than as a trend of any kind. Although she has hung up her butterbeer cork necklace, she still waers her "radish" earrings from time to time. Among her favorite items of clothing is the large Gryffindor Lion hat she wore during her time at Hogwarts when she wanted to support the Gryffindor Quidditch team (except against Ravenclaw, of course). She has been known to wear it still. When it comes time to dress up for an event, Luna has been known to surprise people with some rather nice outfits (still signaturely Luna, but nice all the same).

Everyday Luna:
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Quiet Extrovert...Luna generally keeps to herself and her newspaper, but she never shies away from an opportunity to tell someone what she thinks and why, especially when it comes to her conspiracy theories.
Phobias/Fears: Luna is more in awe of the typically fear-instilling and phobia-inducing things, especially if it's something that was thought to not exist.
Boggart Would Be: Her father's corpse...there are few things she's afraid of more than losing her Daddy.
Patronus Would Be: Crumple-Horned Snorkack

Tucks her wand behind her left ear, often forgetting it's there. Easily prone to be distracted by her own thoughts.
General Likes:
General Dislikes: Rita Skeeter, The Ministry (the people who run it rather than the institution)
Often…: meets people by running into them while reading her newspaper, can't take a hint, prone to awkward silences that aren't awkward to her.
Basic Strengths: Determined, open minded, loyal, self confident, could care less about what anyone else thinks about her.
Basic Weaknesses: Absent minded, blunt to the point of rude, one track mind, could care less about what anyone else thinks about her.
Best Personality Features (Virtues): Wildly open minded, accepting, tolerant
Worst Personality Features (Vices): Obscure, thrives on conspiracy, has no sense of social propriety
Personality In General: Luna is truly unique. She has a strong sense of self and convictions adn a n extremely strong sense of faith...not so much in a religious sense, but faith in what she believes in. She knows she is different and has no problem with it. Her frank candor about her beliefs and theories has expanded past her time at Hogwarts and continues to be what she is known for. She can still be found staring off in a dream like state, but once she has a task to do she is focused and determined in it's completion. Luna is fierce in her beliefs and never afraid to share them with whoever is nearby, regardless of whether she thinks they are interested or not. She is well aware of her reputation and the general public opinion of her and her family. She accepts it and does not seem to be affected by it, rather has a sense of self confidence that overshadows any rumors or gossip about her. Although her friends are few in number, she is committed and loyal to those that earn the title.

Ludovic "Ludo" Lovegood, Editor of The Quibbler
Mother: Lucetta Lovegood (deceased in 1990). Rumored to be an "extraoridinary witch" that liked to experiment, Luna witnessed her death at the age of nine when a spell she was working on backfired. Luna misses her terribly and has been affected by her mother's death a great deal, but rarely talks about it. She finds comfort in knowing that she will see her again someday.
Sister/Brother: none
Others: none
Significant Other: none at this time
Family History: Luna is very close to her father, especially since the death of her mother. Working for him at The Quibbler seems to only have fostered that closeness. The Lovegood family resides in the Devon area of England, in the vicinity of The Burrow.
Occupation: Feature Columnist for The Quibbler.
Residence: Ottery St Catchpole, Devon, UK
Finance: Luna does not hurt for money. Her salary at The Quibbler is fairly large, but not a fortune. However, Luna has very little costs as the paper pays for most of her expenses ans she still lives in her family home. She has emassed quite a savings over the past years since leaving Hogwarts.

Marital Status:
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Turn ons: Open-mindedness, a willing ear, confident men not afraid to go out in search of Blibbering Humdingers or Crumple-Horned Snorkacks
Turn offs: narrow mindedness, ignorance, intolerance
Dating: Luna has been on few dates in her life, of which she doesn't mind so much. By far her best date was with Harry at Professor Slughorn's Christmas party during fifth year, and that was just as friends. Although she's never had romantic feelings for Harry, he was the only person at Hogwarts besides Ginny Weasley who wouldn't completey dismiss her ideas and theories. Most men who seem interested in her these days mistake her as flighty and dim-witted, thinking her personality is merely quirky...when they find out that Luna's ideals are serious, they generally loose their interest. All of this doesn't seem to phase Luna however, like all other things she has faith in love as well.
Kinks: (unexplored)

Character's Relationship with Parents Growing Up:
Luna was very close with both her parents. Whn her mother died, her and her father became even closer which is a relationship that has only grown stronger over the years. Few things ruffle Luna's feathers, but if you cross the line about her father or The Quibbler...well, you'd best watch out.

Character's Brief History at Hogwarts: Luna was in Ravenclaw house during her time at Hogwarts. She was called "Loony Lovegood" behind her back, although she was aware of this and never seemed to mind. Some of her classmates regularly stole her possessions and hid them for the fun of it. At the end of every term she would post a notice asking that her things be returned.

During Luna's fourth year she meets Harry and his gang and ends up joining Dumbledore's Army (The D.A.), and later participates in the desperate struggle for survival that ensues when Harry leads her, Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Neville into the Department of Mysteries, where they are ambushed by numerous Death Eaters.

During her fifth year, Luna attended Professor Slughorn's Christmas party with Harry. She also is appointed by Professor McGonagall as Lee Jordan's temporary replacement as Quidditch announcer for the school. While on duty, however, she absent-mindedly gets distracted from the game and begins to discuss other topics with the crowd, such as the clouds, and that certain players are "nice."

When the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts, Luna was at hand to help defend the students. Shortly after the battle, she attended Dumbledore's funeral with Neville.

Defining Likes and Dislikes: Likes: The Quibbler, being in the field searching for magical creatures thought to not exist, collecting butterbeer corks, sharing her opinion.
Dislikes: Rita Skeeter, the power behind The Ministry...all other things she can tolerate.

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