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tender age in bloom

the people all call her alaska

october the strange
31 December
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[x]i wanna live/i wanna love.
[x]the panic.the vommit.
[x]all this time, walking with a ghost.
[x]life is just like subbacultcha. like black tarantula.
the black cat and the dreamlander surrealist.
third white stripe.
p.s.: think.
p.s.s.: yes.
a clockwork orange, abbie hoffman, abrupt acting, aimless painting, alaskan fun, amphigorey, anti-war, bad boys of magic, being radical, being sexy sadie, being the black cat, bill hicks, bill hicks for life, black white and red, blasphemy, blood, brian lowe, bulky accessories, caught in the rain, cecil b. demented, cheap things, cold chai tea, converses in the rain, dancing in converses, dead people, death, degrassi, degrassi junior high, divine, drawing nothing, dreamland productions, dreamlanders, dying a little inside, early '90s, edward gorey, everything creepy and spooky, fifties rock music, finding my mind, finding new music, free anything, free-breeze reading, ghostworld, ghouls, giving my cake away, good for you food, gore, graveyards, hand me downs, harold and maude, harry belafonte, herschell gordon lewis films, houdini, irony, john lennon, john waters, journaling, julie ruin, kid dakota, kim deal's teeth, kissing brian lowe, kissing edgar poe's grave, kmfdm, kurt cobain, late night conversations, le tigre, life as a mermaid, listening to nirvana, lower-class films, marcy playground, marilyn manson, meg and jack white, mitch hedberg, mix tapes at midnight, nine inch nails, nirvana, not censoring senses, not consuming, not courtney love, oak hill cemetery, old clothing, owls, owls like nobody's business, peace peace peace, penn and teller, personal revolutions, photography, pixies, polaroids, putting up new posters, queen, radiohead, rain, rain-infested converses, ramones, reading unread books, really neat stuff, really old toys, resurrection sunday, revolution, rings, riot grrrl, rotten, secret documenting, seinfeld, shannon williams on bush, shannon with two n's, shoe photography, sixth hour science, sleeping during bad movies, smashing pumpkins, sneaking off via bicycle, special agent cooper, spur of the moment, squeaking like bjork, the beastie boys, the beatles, the bell jar, the breeders, the color black, the foo fighters, the frogs, the macabre, the misunderstood, the pixies, the sixties, the song cecilia, the strange and unusual, the total blues, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the yippies!, theatre, toadies, transgender, tree shade, twin peaks, unexpected hugs, unexpected phone calls, vintage, vintage items with personality, watching ghostworld, ween, witches, writing, writing this & that