alicia collision. (__liliaceae) wrote,
alicia collision.

So I'm now in my apartment. Actually, I'm sitting the lobby of my building because there's free wireless down here, and I have yet to get some in my room as well as cable. The apartment is cute and small, as soon as I get everything in there and decorated, I'll take pictures or something.

I really like it here. Right now I'm killing time before Chelsea calls me back and we hang out. Yesterday my new friend Brett and I walked around to Rittenhouse square and shopped for a while. I bought a dress and a hat and some measuring spoons from Anthropologie. He also came with me to go grocery shopping at Reading Terminal, which was amazing. I bought some fruit and veggies and jam and milk and butter and honey and cheeses and bread. Oh! I bought a pretty orchid, also.

My dad [and possibly Mom] is coming up on Saturday to deliver the rest of my things and I really hope my mom comes because I didn't get to see her before I left because she went to Korea for work. Sean is coming on Friday! I'm very excited and I am going to cook for him and we are going to spend the weekend sleeping and being cozy and going on walks.

Today was the first cool/cold day of the school year. It was a pleasant surprise, as I woke up feeling ridiculously cold, so I've turned off my air conditioning and put thick blankets on my bed. On my shopping walk yesterday, I walked by all these stores and realized there are so many things I still need to buy to prepare for winter, most of which are clothes.

Oh well. I've been very tired lately, so I dunno, I might go nap or something.
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