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The other day, before break, I was sitting in my Art Appreciation class and my teacher, Connie Buetelschpacher, was talking about Where the Wild Things Are and she mentioned it was by A.A. Milne. I realized this error, but the only person in class who said something was a very Jewish boy who is normally quiet and eats pretzels and carrots at his table alone in the front left corner of the room. He said, "Actually, I believe Maurice Sendak wrote that. A.A. Milne was Winnie the Pooh."
This made me smile, and I really appreciated that he knew that, too. My teacher realized her error and agreed, but shortly after, the kids around me started laughing. The boy next to me said, "Yeah, he would know that."

I said nothing, but I wanted to slap him.
I hate Frostburg. Hopefully I get into Towson. Or just out.
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