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I haven't slept much lately. I mean, I sleep, but I always seem to be tired. Right now, I'm eating Jujyfruits and waiting to go to my sculpture class, which I hate. But, what can you do? At least it's warm.
Philadelphia was wonderful, and I would absolutely love to live there. I met so many nice people who actually thought I was pretty cool, so it makes me sad that I had to return to Frostburg where I have no friends and no one is really that cool.
Spring Break starts tomorrow, and I will be stressed until I get to DC with Julie. Since Ben took his Jeep home, I have to take the boys home and Sean's dad wants to take us out to eat on our way home. After I drop them off, I will promptly turn around and head down to DC to see Madeline play in DC with Julie Bulie. Then, on Saturday, I am taking Julie to get her tattoo and then we are going to see Explosions in the Sky and then go dancing at a gay bar so we don't get hit on by raunch guys. It'll be nice, since I always feel like I need a vacation.
Towson put me on the waitlist, so I have to work hard this semester to get in, so I can get an apartment with Steph this summer. Sean said he doesn't know if he's going to Towson, all of a sudden, but I know I am going. I can't be here anymore.
This summer, I need to work. My dad sent me an application for an internship for Barack Obama, so if I get that, which I doubt I will, I'll do that. Unfortunately, it's unpaid and I'd be working forty hours a week in DC. If not, I could work at Panera or Regal Cinemas and kill myself.
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