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Right now, I am sitting in my room and it is snowing outside, which isn't something I'm happy about because it was so warm this week. Well, not warm, but not freezing cold. Pad thai is in my microwave and I am almost finished watching Casino Royale thanks to Amber and PeekVid.
My English teacher is completely divine. Today, in class, we read the beginnings of our narrative essays and he is really just the most kind teacher. I love him. He then proceeded to let us out of class over forty-five minutes early.
I am going home tomorrow, with too many people in my car for a three hour drive. I hope I have room. Then, Steph and I will be reunited and it'll be my dad's birthday and I will just be the best daughter ever.
So, since yesterday was Ash Wednesday, Lent began. I decided to give up meat.

If you observe, what did you give up?
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