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I woke up this morning in a depressed state since Sean and I got into a fight last night. The depression persisted through most of the day until Sean came over and apologized and helped me make some eggs, since he doesn't know how. He was trying, I could tell.

On Saturday, I have a cocktail party to go to in Frederick for my friend's graduation party. This is stressing me out since I have to buy a skirt or dress or something that I can wear with black tights and my black flats. I'll see what Target has, since that cute Behnaz Sarafpour girl is doing a collection for them. My dad said that I need to come home after the party, so Sean said that he wouldn't drink so he could take me home. I feel bad, since we were originally going to stay overnight at JD's house, but then he ran out of room, so we were going to get a hotel, but my dad said to just come home. Oh well, at least we're saving money. Also, I am making a plaid capelet to wear to the party, since it's going to be cold and I got the pattern for free. I made a shirt the other day, and it came out alright.

Lately, I've been in super Justin Timberlake mode. Man oh man, he is amazing.

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done, I just need to order Steph and Sean's gifts online from Urban, so it's not a big deal. I need a job :[.

Happy holidays, everyone.
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