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indian summer.

Right now, it is about one in the morning and I decided against doing my physics homework, which is due tomorrow. I spent all evening and night sitting in my room, listening to the Bell Jar, read by Maggie Gyllenhaal. It's so nice, that even though I have read the book, I wanted to listen to it.
This past weekend, Sean, Ben, and I went home. My aunt Julie was visiting from Boston, so I decided to go see her and it was worth it. She told me all these things about Boston that I should know if I am moving there, and she met Sean and said that he seemed like a really great guy.
Not only do I want to sign up for Semester at Sea, which I plan to do when the timing is appropriate, but I want to do as many internships as I can. I don't even care if I get credits. If it pays and I am learning, I want to do it. You know, maybe one in an art field [my friend Renee has a friend who goes to Frostburg who got a summer internship at the Corcoran, so maybe MICA will give me one,] or in an English related field, such as at a law firm or a magazine, or something.

Nice, nice, nice.
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