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My bunk is on the bottom. My roommate kindly took the top bunk, since she realized that I would probably be coming home more drunk than she would. My room is small and crowded by various music related things, clothes, and papers. It's also very humid and hot indoors, due to lack of air conditioning, so we usually just leave the lights off and the fans on. It's really liberating, I've found that I am a lot more relaxed, being on my own, though I understand that my classes will stress me out soon enough. The people are nice and the parties are fun. Sean's dad said that if we're still together next year, he would get us a house out there, since they are just so cheap! The boy who's house we went to last night said that it costs about $2,400 a year to rent a four bedroom house. So that's neat.
I love my working class town, with it's delicious thai food and college town charm. It should be a beautiful fall and winter.

"It's easier to leave than to be left behind."
Saying goodbye was still pretty hard, though.
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