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Hey, 2008
Read at least eleven books this year.
Get really good grades.
Start running and/or doing yoga every morning.
Pay off credit card.
Stop getting so upset over the dumbest things.

This morning started at about 7 AM for me, so I'm currently sitting in my bed, drinking tea, and enjoying the calm before the storm that is running a million errands before I have to be at work this morning by 10.

Oh yeah, I got a job. Well, it's an internship. I work for this new fashion designer in a shitty part of town, but if I play my cards right, I'll be going to New York with him at the end of the month to discuss selling his line with the people at Saks Fifth Ave. I'm working on it. Last night was tiring, as I found myself looking through about 300 Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle Magazines creating a theme for his non-cohesive, "romantic" F/W 08 line. Oh yeah, it's tough.

Thankfully though, Chelsea helped me SO MUCH and I love her for it. She's coming to visit on Friday. It sucks not having her in the city anymore, as I've become increasingly lonely over break. However, she's going to move in with me for a little bit, so my apartment will go from vacant to stuffed with two girls' worth of clothing and smoke.

The apartment is coming along nicely, I'll post pictures when it's done. Living alone has made me so obsessed with my living space. There's just this need to keep adding things and all that. BUT, my fucking window is messed up on the side and cold air always comes through and it needs to get fixed before I fix it myself and damage the window with unnecessary caulk or something. It's coming along.

Christmas was really nice, as my parents seemed to get me all the little things I wanted, like money, a coffeemaker, candles, and computer things. My brothers and I have become very close, and Billy is almost my best friend. Over the course of the year, I have become extremely protective of him. He told me about how some girl he likes said her parents wouldn't let her date him because he's half black? I was irate. Never in my life have I wanted to go over to someone's house I DON'T know and tell them that maybe I don't want my brother to be a part of their piece of shit, racist family. I know I'm a lot of talk, but honestly, I would have. Billy wouldn't really tell me where she lived, so.

I'm constantly missing Sean whenever he's not here. It always seems as though my back hurts the second he leaves, so I can't force another back massage out of him. I feel as though I don't appreciate him as much as I should. He really does a lot for me, like drive me back and forth if I really need him to since I no longer have a car up here. The only thing that sucks is that we get together and all we do is either fight or lounge around, then we part ways and all we do is talk about how much we miss each other. It's kind of a waste of alone time. We love each other, though.

But today is a new day, and all the things I've been meaning to do over break that are really important are going to get done. Today I will buy my Septa pass, get my PA license, deposit Christmas money and attempt to pay off a little of my looming credit card bill, pay my electricity bill, and mail my loan forms. Oh man. And hopefully I'll be getting a paying job, soon.

Being alone is the city for break has been lonely. I feel so distant from everyone I used to talk to, and am now just reduced to Sean and Chelsea. It's not like I haven't made an effort to keep up with those closest to me, but sometimes those things just don't work out, you know?

Did you all have nice winter breaks or holidays? What are your New Year's resolutions?
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So I'm now in my apartment. Actually, I'm sitting the lobby of my building because there's free wireless down here, and I have yet to get some in my room as well as cable. The apartment is cute and small, as soon as I get everything in there and decorated, I'll take pictures or something.

I really like it here. Right now I'm killing time before Chelsea calls me back and we hang out. Yesterday my new friend Brett and I walked around to Rittenhouse square and shopped for a while. I bought a dress and a hat and some measuring spoons from Anthropologie. He also came with me to go grocery shopping at Reading Terminal, which was amazing. I bought some fruit and veggies and jam and milk and butter and honey and cheeses and bread. Oh! I bought a pretty orchid, also.

My dad [and possibly Mom] is coming up on Saturday to deliver the rest of my things and I really hope my mom comes because I didn't get to see her before I left because she went to Korea for work. Sean is coming on Friday! I'm very excited and I am going to cook for him and we are going to spend the weekend sleeping and being cozy and going on walks.

Today was the first cool/cold day of the school year. It was a pleasant surprise, as I woke up feeling ridiculously cold, so I've turned off my air conditioning and put thick blankets on my bed. On my shopping walk yesterday, I walked by all these stores and realized there are so many things I still need to buy to prepare for winter, most of which are clothes.

Oh well. I've been very tired lately, so I dunno, I might go nap or something.
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Questions from Layla.
I'm not going to have you participate, save for Layla, because almost everyone is so boring and I don't care.

1. What is your favorite vacation spot?
I really love going to my mom's parents' house in Whitefish Bay, Wisc. It's so nice up there, it's on Lake Michigan and there's a little beach and it's very close to Milwaukee.

2. What is your dream job?
My dream job would probably be to work for National Geographic's Traveling magazine. To be able to go all over the world and take pictures and write about it would be amazing. Getting paid for it would make it even better.

3. How many movies have you seen in the last month? What was your favorite?
Maybe five? I'm not sure. I really liked Children of Men, though I couldn't pick up on most of it. I watched Knocked Up again, which is funnier than God.

4. What is something everyone else loves that you don't understand the appeal of?
High waisted pants, colored jeans, Amy Winehouse!

5. What is your favorite song at the moment?
Probably either "20 Dollar" or "Bamboo Banga" by M.I.A. I love Kala!

In other news, school starts Monday. I'll have to commute for a week, but then after the weekend I'm going to stay with Sean's aunt and uncle who live right outside of Philadelphia. After that, I can move into my apartment on the tenth, which is a Saturday, I believe?

Sean and I went to Sea Isle City, NJ to spend a few days at his dad's beach house. It rained almost the whole time, but I wasn't planning on sitting on the beach anyway. It was really nice. All we did was sit around, watch movies, drive around Sea Isle, and go out to each the whole time. His family is so nice that I love spending time with them.

This summer has been weird. I've lost contact with almost all my friends, so I guess I don't have many left. I'm just so tired of having to keep up with everyone. Making them be my friend or making them hang out with me. So I just stopped calling and no one has really called me. So it goes. It doesn't matter, though. I'm moving, so I hope I'll make new friends. Marlon and I have been talking more frequently, lately, and he said he would come visit me in Philly, as Delaware is very close and he'll have a car.

I need to stop needing to start over.
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Right now, I'm sitting in a small coffee shop in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. They're the only place with wireless that I could find, and it's a few blocks away from St. Monica's Catholic Church, which is where my mom is right now. I've always loved Whitefish Bay, it's so charming and quiet.
But yeah, I'm really excited about moving to Philadelphia. I'm also excited about getting to make new friends, the ones I have save for a few always get me down. So, there's that.
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The other day, before break, I was sitting in my Art Appreciation class and my teacher, Connie Buetelschpacher, was talking about Where the Wild Things Are and she mentioned it was by A.A. Milne. I realized this error, but the only person in class who said something was a very Jewish boy who is normally quiet and eats pretzels and carrots at his table alone in the front left corner of the room. He said, "Actually, I believe Maurice Sendak wrote that. A.A. Milne was Winnie the Pooh."
This made me smile, and I really appreciated that he knew that, too. My teacher realized her error and agreed, but shortly after, the kids around me started laughing. The boy next to me said, "Yeah, he would know that."

I said nothing, but I wanted to slap him.
I hate Frostburg. Hopefully I get into Towson. Or just out.
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I haven't slept much lately. I mean, I sleep, but I always seem to be tired. Right now, I'm eating Jujyfruits and waiting to go to my sculpture class, which I hate. But, what can you do? At least it's warm.
Philadelphia was wonderful, and I would absolutely love to live there. I met so many nice people who actually thought I was pretty cool, so it makes me sad that I had to return to Frostburg where I have no friends and no one is really that cool.
Spring Break starts tomorrow, and I will be stressed until I get to DC with Julie. Since Ben took his Jeep home, I have to take the boys home and Sean's dad wants to take us out to eat on our way home. After I drop them off, I will promptly turn around and head down to DC to see Madeline play in DC with Julie Bulie. Then, on Saturday, I am taking Julie to get her tattoo and then we are going to see Explosions in the Sky and then go dancing at a gay bar so we don't get hit on by raunch guys. It'll be nice, since I always feel like I need a vacation.
Towson put me on the waitlist, so I have to work hard this semester to get in, so I can get an apartment with Steph this summer. Sean said he doesn't know if he's going to Towson, all of a sudden, but I know I am going. I can't be here anymore.
This summer, I need to work. My dad sent me an application for an internship for Barack Obama, so if I get that, which I doubt I will, I'll do that. Unfortunately, it's unpaid and I'd be working forty hours a week in DC. If not, I could work at Panera or Regal Cinemas and kill myself.
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