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Happppppy New Year! :)

I felt like I needed to take the time to reflect on how my dreads have effected me, and will effect me, in the crossing over of years. My dreads are gunna be 5 months soon and I honestly love them so much. I feel truly like myself now that they're with me, like they've made me realize so much, for the better.

A lot has happend in the past year, in 2008. Some things bad, some things good. All I can really think of that was monumental in 2008 was my mom having 3 major surgeries in 6 months and being out of work for 8. But in that time she was home recovering we grew so much closer than we've ever been and I feel almost like it was a blessing in disguise. An awful disguise, I might add, but still.

My mommy made my dreads for me in that time and they will always be a symbol, to me atleast, of my mother's strength and willpower to get well while still just being the awesome mom that she always has been. I love my mommy to death, she is one of my best friends. And my dreads, in a way, physically respresnt that for me, because I love getting to say "my mommy did them for when" when people ask. I think it's the awesomest thing; proving that my mom loves ME and accepts my soul, regardless if I have "ulgy"/"nappy"/"rat's nest" hair. I love you mommy. (& I love that I'm 18 yrs old and don't feel one bit ashamed of calling her mommy)

My dreads also make me feel almost invincible. Not so much in the physical sense, hah, but they have given me so much confidence. Never once have I felt the need to justify why I got dreads; when people ask why I got them I don't really feel like I got THEM, more of they chose me and came to me. They were just a natural progression of me. I don't know if that makes any sense, but whatever.

I know how I feel about my dreads and myself. How beautiful I feel and, I know it's not ALL thanks to my babies, but I do know they played a huge role in me coming to terms with myself, finally.

I love the person I am, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

2009, please be as wonderful of an experience as 2008 has been, just... with less hospitalizations. please. :)

This little booger. This loopy falls DIRECTLY in the hole of my ear (the part you clean with a qtip? haha idk how else to esplain it) Especially when I'm laying down. Sometimes it tickles, but mostly it's just annoying ahhah.

01/01/09! :)

Dreads + Happy New Yearz!

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