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Wanna hear something funny?

My brother was supposed to pick me up from school today at 2pm, right? Well he didn't. I was at the school til just a few minutes ago when Mrs. Bowling offered me a ride. My appointment was at 3:30pm in Charleston, so mom had to cancel & reschedule which will cost my dad $50 dollars because we didn't give 24 hrs. notice.

None of this would have happened if dad would just take off a day to take me to the doctor. He never takes off to take me to the doctor, its always someone else & sometimes I feel like such a burden to people because they're always hauling my ass around.

I haven't seen my therapist since January 4th. You can't begin to imagine how crazy I'm going.


Today just sucked in general. This morning, I had to change my shirt when I got to school because the shirt I had on was way too short because for some reason I'm growing out of all of my shirts. It sucks having this insanely long torso. Anyways, then at lunch, I was ready to kick some ass & I don't know why. Geez. Then during 3rd block, we were dissecting frogs & I got really nauseous. Normally I don't get queasy doing that kind of stuff, but the smell set it off & I felt like I was going to throw up. This stupid medicine is making nauseous. But of course, I'm used to medicines making me nauseous. So yeah, I had to sit in the cafetorium the rest of the block. 4th block was alright, except for the whole my-brother-not-coming-to-pick-me-up-cause-he-lost-track-of-time thing. Yeah, he just 'lost track of time'. I'm not mad at him, because mom said he was really upset when he realized he forgot about me, so whatever. Dad's pissing me off majorly, as usual. I'm sure he'll find some way to read this too, because he has before due to some ASSHOLE which nobody will tell me who it is, let him read it. Stupid people.


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